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I'm a college student (working on my BAE) who has been collecting coins since the age of 9. I prefer the draped bust US coinage and hand hammered world coins the most, but I like just about everything

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1838-O Seated Liberty, No Star Dime. Kind of a junk coin in this condition, but still nice. 1838 USA
Seated Liberty Quarter Dollar, raw, weak strike. 1862 USA
Seated Liberty Quarter Dollar with Arrows and Rays, raw. 1853 USA
2 OZ silver round, looks like the 1792 disme design, big coin/round. 1792 USA
1878-S Trade Dollar. 1878 USA
Walking Liberty Half Dollar, raw. 1944 USA
Last year I started to mess with die engraving and smelting and such, this was my first attempt,... 2005 USA
raw 1921 morgan 1921 USA
1883 Morgan, raw 1883 USA
Given to me by my Great Grandmother, family treasure if you will. Scratched Obv. Net F-12-ish. 1884 USA
Peace Dollar 1922, raw. 1922 USA
1886 Morgan: raw. Ms-64/65 1886 USA
1904-O: raw MS-64/65 1904 USA
1904-O: raw MS-65/66 These last three morgans I recently purchased and these scans do them no... 1904 USA
colonial era coin, not sure if it's British or Mochin Mills. 1778 USA
1908-S Indian head Cent. My first MM indian. It's G/VG borderline. 1908 USA
1971-S Ike Proof, I really don't care for this series, but I think the proof version looks nice... 1971 USA
First one I've owned, and in rough condition, so even though it's been roughly cleaned it was... 1893 USA
1831 Half dollar given to me by my father. A and C etched onto front, but still a high grade... 1831 USA
Decent Morgan, but with a rim ding at 6 o'clock. Still a good deal though. 1886 USA
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