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I'm a college student (working on my BAE) who has been collecting coins since the age of 9. I prefer the draped bust US coinage and hand hammered world coins the most, but I like just about everything

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English cartwheel penny 1797 United Kingdom
Hard to make out the date on this penny, from the 1790's. Similar in design to the half penny I... 1798 United Kingdom
Colonial half penny, George II from sometime in the 1740's or 50's. 1745 United Kingdom
I think this is a 1 shilling, but I am not sure, it's about the size of a US quarter, little... 1890 United Kingdom
1760's George II half penny. Colonial era coin. 1760 United Kingdom
George II half penny. Someone attempted a hole, but never got all the way through. 1739 United Kingdom
6 Pence, I know very little about UK coinage, but it was old, and cheap, so into my collection it... 1884 United Kingdom
Colonial era copper, I think it's a half penny, not sure though. 1724 United Kingdom
Fairly nice GB large penny. 1860 United Kingdom
George III half penny. One of the nicest of these I own, a pleasing middle grade. This is a... 1775 United Kingdom
British West Indies. 1822 silver with an interesting anchor motif. I know little about this coin,... 1822 United Kingdom
Colonial era half penny I can't really make much out on the obv. George III 1787 possible Mochin... 1787 United Kingdom
Really rough 1719 George I half penny. 1719 United Kingdom
1732 George II half penny. 1732 United Kingdom
1735 George II half penny. Looks like a ground recovery. 1735 United Kingdom
Uruguay 1 peso 1942 Uruguay
Nickel type set, shield through 2006. As shown, Obv then any Rev for that Obv. 1866 USA
Large Motto MS-64 BN by NGC. My first MS copper, not the last! :) 1864 USA
AU-50 by Anacs, I think it could get a 55, it has full lines on III, but I like Anacs grading... 1881 USA
1875-S AU details Net EF 40 whizzed: Anacs. Still love this coin even if it was cleaned. 1875 USA
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