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I'm a college student (working on my BAE) who has been collecting coins since the age of 9. I prefer the draped bust US coinage and hand hammered world coins the most, but I like just about everything

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Dad gave me this, has interesting Obv. red toning on the right. 1998 USA
Proof-60 Anacs: Polished, Imapared Proof. It is a little polished looking, but it's toned back to... 1895 USA
1885 Morgan DMPL cert. by NTC: MS-64 DMPL. My first DMPL! 1885 USA
A Stone Mountain Half, AU ish. First one in my collection, I really like this design 1925 USA
Silver 20 centavos from Mexico. 1907 USA
Spotty PL morgan. 1896 USA
Kettle token of a 1803 gold half eagle, made of brass, most of these were used as gambling... 1803 USA
1795 Large cent, a few % offcenter, a pretty worn coin, but my first US coin other than colonial... 1795 USA
Bright red UNC Indian head cent, a nice addition to go with my 1895 proof. My first red Unc... 1895 USA
Die cud on the right side of this one. Neat found in change error. 2006 USA
1854 Half Dime with arrows at date. Appears to have been cleaned a while back, but still a nice... 1854 USA
1927-S Standing Liberty Quarter. I found this key date in change! I didn't know at first and... 1927 USA
I've been working in ceramics doing press molds for a while now, and I decided to make one sided... 2007 USA
Some of the glazed ones. 2007 USA
In my metals class I've made a set of dies for my home town fashioned after 17th century Spanish... 2006 USA
Gold and brass with copper centered versions of my coins 2006 USA
My dies set and a 2007 version triple struck reverse. 2007 USA
In 2006 I started this project, since early 2007 I've stopped making new coins. So far I've made... 2007 USA
Connecticut half penny modeled after the british colonial half penny of george II and III. 1785 USA
1954-D wheatback with a diechip or something filling the 9. 1954 USA
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