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Taler of Ferdinand I (1521-64), Holy Roman Emperor from 1558-1564. Roller dies struck at Hall... 1564 Austria
Upper Canada Preserved Medal. Silver, Gem Proof. Design by Thomas Wyon, Jr. of the Royal Mint for... 1814 Canada
Penny PCGS MS63RD 1911 Canada
Chile republic volcano peso. NGC MS65. Finest of the entire volcano peso type graded. This is a... 1820 Chile
Ptolemy VI, AR Tetradrachm 12.8 gm, probably Phoenician or Palestinian mint. 180-145 B.C.E Not in... -140 Egypt
100 Francs gold. NGC MS64 - very scarce in grade. None graded higher at NGC. These coins were... 1886 France
Novodel 2Kopek. NGC PF66RD ex June, 2000 Goldberg Hesselgesser sale. Cataloger stated one of the... 1757 Russia
Novodel 5kopek. Outstanding condition, NGC PF66. Ex Goldberg Hesselgesser sale. 1765 Russia
Halfpenny, PCGS PF66 RB. Probably finest known. Ex Goldberg Terner sale, ex Bruce Lorich. Others... 1770 United Kingdom
Farthing, PCGS PF66 RB. Ex Norweb sale. Very rare, Freeman R18 (10-20 specimens. Finest graded by... 1878 United Kingdom
George IV Crown, Pistrucci design. NGC MS65. This design was disliked by King George IV. He asked... 1821 United Kingdom
Crown, LVIII edge. Type with elevated final 8 (recut) in date. Slight strike-through mark on... 1818 United Kingdom
Crown - Septimo Edge PCGS PF64 George IV. One of the nicest graded by NGC/PCGS. Note the smooth... 1826 United Kingdom
Crown, NGC PF66, Victoria Jubilee Head. Beautiful toning. 1887 United Kingdom
Pattern 1/2 penny by Weyl plain edge bronzed copper. Extremely rare. PCGS PF66 ex. Terner/Lorich.... 1887 United Kingdom
William III Crown. Rarer third bust variant. One of the nicest graded. PCGS MS64 - none higher at... 1696 United Kingdom
Pattern Victoria Florin created for proposed decimal coinage which began in 1849 with the Gothic... 1848 United Kingdom
Absolutely superlative 1850 Young Head half crown. Mintage only 485,000. Most likely finest... 1850 United Kingdom
Cent, NGC MS64 Red. Beautiful coin. A few spots account for the grade. 1853 USA
Quarter. PCGS PF65. Beautiful toning. 1882 USA
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