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Copper 5 kopeks, good condition few spots of corrosion and 60,63gr. 1769 Russia
Copper 2 kopeks, blank defect and 10,41 gr. 1820 Russia
Bronze para/3denga very worn but still a hard to come by variant(1772/valak) and 16,71gr. 1772 Russia
Bronze 2para/3kopeks, pitted,slightly concave,partially legend and a heavy coin for the type... 1773 Russia
Bronze 2para3kopeks pitted,few delamination spots and 16,71gr. 1773 Russia
Bronze 2para/3kopeks. Few spots of corrosion, slight die rotation ,uneven strike,blank defect... 1772 Russia
Copper 5 kopeks mm EM .Signs of corrosion. Weight 50,81gr. 1782 Russia
Bronze 2para/3kopeks, heavily pitted,patina and 17,66 gr. 1773 Russia
Bronze 2para/3kopeks, thick patina,good details,slight misalignment and 18,51 gr. 1772 Russia
Bronze 2para/3kopeks, pitted and 19,34 gr. 1773 Russia
Bronze 2para/3kopeks, pitted and 19,34 gr. 1773 Russia
Bronze 2para/3kopeks, good detail,pitted and 19,36 gr. 1773 Russia
Bronze 2para/3kopeks,uneven and off centered stike,pitted. Weight 15,70 gr. 1773 Russia
Bronze 2para/3kopeks,good details, centered strike,some pitting and weight of 16,72gr. 1773 Russia
Bronze 2para/3kopeks. Uneven imprint of the die,planchet flaws, crack and slight die rotation.... 1773 Russia
Bronze 2para/3kopeks. Striked with worn out dies,pitted. Weight 19,78gr. 1772 Russia
Bronze 2para/3kopeks, good details,centered strike, sadly full of corrosion pits. Weight 17,32gr. 1773 Russia
Silver gros. Good strike small flaw of the blank and 1,00gr. 1375 Moldova
Bronze 2para/3kopeks. Good details,pitted and 18,51gr. 1773 Russia
bronze 2para/3kopeks. Uneven stike , pitted and 17,00gr. 1773 Russia
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