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Bronze 2para/3kopeks,good details, centered strike,some pitting and weight of 16,72gr. 1773 Russia
Bronze 2para/3kopeks. Uneven imprint of the die,planchet flaws, crack and slight die rotation.... 1773 Russia
Bronze 2para/3kopeks. Striked with worn out dies,pitted. Weight 19,78gr. 1772 Russia
Bronze 2para/3kopeks, good details,centered strike, sadly full of corrosion pits. Weight 17,32gr. 1773 Russia
Silver gros. Good strike small flaw of the blank and 1,00gr. 1375 Moldova
Bronze 2para/3kopeks. Good details,pitted and 18,51gr. 1773 Russia
bronze 2para/3kopeks. Uneven stike , pitted and 17,00gr. 1773 Russia
Bronze 2para/3kopeks. Nice centered strike some pitting 18,63gr. 1773 Russia
Silver 15krajczar NB (LM).Scrarched.6,15g. 1674 Austria
Coper para/3dengi. Cleaned,tiny scratches and 10,00g. 1771 Russia
Bronze 2para 3kopeks.Nice thick patina,well centered strike,die rotation,surplus material on both... 1772 Russia
Bronze 2para3kopeks. Good details,small nick on the rim uneven colour,weight 20,31g. 1773 Russia
Bronze 2para3kopeks.Uneven colour ,pitted,good details,weight 18,5g. 1773 Russia
Bronze 2para 3kopeks. Some pitting,a big crack at12 o clock (and few smaller) and die... 1773 Russia
Bronze 2para3kopeks Uneven strike, discoloring(coin been in cluster)weight19g. 1773 Russia
Bronze 2para 3kopeks. Uneven strike,planchet flaws,pitted,univen colour,some nice details,weight... 1773 Russia
Bronze 2para 3kopeks. Uneven strike,die rotation,weight only 14g. 1773 Russia
Bronze 2para 3kopeks. Offcentered strike,pitted,weight 16,82g. 1773 Russia
Bronze 2para 3kopeks. Uneven strike,pited,weight 18g. 1773 Russia
Bronze 2para 3kopeks. Offcentered strike, weight 19g. 1773 Russia
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