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KM-45, 1955 proof half penny; some light toning here as well but overall nice coin with a lot of... 1955 South Africa
KM-5, 1933 Palestine 20 mils; copper-nickel, plain edge; British mandate period, one of the... 1933 Palestine
KM-5, 1927 Palestine 20 mils; copper-nickel, plain edge; George V British mandate period, most... 1927 Palestine
KM-5, Palestine 1934 20 mils; this scarcer year coin made me look at the wear patters on the 20... 1934 Palestine
KM-1, 1927 Palestine mil; bronze, plain edge; uncirculated, obverse turning brownish, reverse is... 1927 Palestine
KM-879, 1951 specimen (proof) half crown; high resolution scan shows almost perfect conditon with... 1951 United Kingdom
KM-875, Great Britain 1951 6 pence in specimen (proof) condition. 1951 United Kingdom
KM-818.1, Great Britain 1917 half crown; silver, reeded edge; nice about uncirculated condition,... 1917 United Kingdom
KM-818.1, 1918 Great Britain 1/2 crown; silver, reeded edge; uncirculated or almost, very white... 1918 United Kingdom
KM-763, 1889 Great Britain double florin; this specimen has inverted 1 instead of I in VICTORIA... 1889 United Kingdom
KM763, two varieties of the 1889 double florin - one as inverted 1 and one regular letter I in... 1889 United Kingdom
Same as below but regular I in VICTORIA 1889 United Kingdom
KM-886, Great Britain 3 pence one year coronation set specimen (proof); it is a opity this one... 1953 United Kingdom
KM-889, 1953 Great Britain six pence, coronation year speciment (proof) example in very nice... 1953 United Kingdom
KM-881, 1953 Great Britain farthing in specimen (proof) condition' mostly red but some toning... 1953 United Kingdom
KM-882, 1953 Great Britain half penny in specimen (proof) condition; some toning in the fields... 1953 United Kingdom
Another KM-882, Great Britain specimen (proof) half penny; this one has dark brown fields and... 1953 United Kingdom
KM-891, 1953 Scottish arms Great Britain shilling in specimen (proof) condition; light toning in... 1953 United Kingdom
KM-892, 1953 Great Britain specimen (proof) 2 shillings (florin); has cameo like appearance of... 1953 United Kingdom
KM-893, 1953 Great Britain specimen (proof) half crown; nice with sime very very minimal toning. 1953 United Kingdom
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