I collect World coins by type, especially interested in African coins.

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Morocco, 5 dirhams, 2011, Cu-Ni-Brass, bi-metallic, 25mm, 7.5g, Mosque Hassan II., King Mohammed VI. 2011 Morocco
Morocco, 5 dirhams, 2002, Cu-Ni-Brass, bi-metallic, 25mm, 7.53g, King Mohammed VI. 2002 Morocco
Morocco, 2 dirham, 2002, Cu-Ni, 25.9mm, 7.3g, King Mohammed VI. 2002 Morocco
Morocco, 1 dirham, 2012, Ni-Steel, 24mm, 6g, King Mohammed VI. 2012 Morocco
Morocco, 1 dirham, 2002, Cu-Ni, 24mm, 6g, King Mohammed VI. 2002 Morocco
Morocco, 1/2 dirham, 2011, Ni-Steel, 21mm, 4g, Fish. 2011 Morocco
Morocco, 20 santim, 2002, Brass, 23mm, 4g, Tourist & craftsmen trade, AH1423 2002 Morocco
Morocco, 10 santim, 2011, Brass-Steel, 20mm, 3g, Saffron flower and bee. 2011 Morocco
Morocco, 10 santims, 2002, brass, 19.8mm, 3g, Sport and Solidarity, AH1423. 2002 Morocco
Vatican City, 500 liras, 1985, Steel-Al-B, 25.8mm, 6.8g, Pope John-Paul II, St. Paul sailing. 1985 Vatican
Iran, 500 rials, 2006, Cu-Ni-Al-B, bi-metallic, 27.1mm, 8.91g, SH1385, Bird and Flowers. 2006 Iran
Germany, 2 euros, 2008, Cu-Ni-Ni-S, bi-metallic, 25.75mm, 8.5g, MM: A (Berlin), Complete Europe map. 2008 Germany
Luxembourg, 5 francs, 1962, Cu-Ni, 6.74g, Grand Duchess Charlotte. 1962 Luxembourg
Luxembourg, 2 euros, 2004, Cu-Ni-Ni-S, bi-metallic, 25.75mm, 8.5g, Grand Duke Henri 2004 Luxembourg
Belgium, 20 cents, 2009, Cu-Al-Zn-Sn, 22.25mm, 5.74g, King Albert II, Complete Europe map. 2009 Belgium
France, 20 cents, 2010, Cu-Al-Zn-Sn, 22.25mm, 5.74g, Complete Europe map. 2010 France
France, 10 cents, 2009, Cu-Al-Zn-Sn, 19.75mm, 4.10g, Complete Europe Map. 2009 France
Greece, 10 cents, 2008, Cu-Al-Zn-Sn, 19.25mm, 4.00g, Obverse: Rigas Feraios, complete Europe map. 2008 Greece
Hungary, 5000 forints, 2011, Ag, 38.61mm, 31.46g, MM: Budapest (BP), Masterpieces of... 2011 Hungary
Hungary, 5000 forints, 2011, Ag, 38.61mm, 31.46g, MM: Budapest (BP), 125th Anniversary of the... 2011 Hungary