I collect World coins by type, especially interested in African coins.

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Hungary, 5000 forints, 2011, Ag, 39.6mm, 31.46g, Stork, Duna-Dráva National Park. 2011 Hungary
Germany, 2 euros, 2012, Cu-Ni-Ni-Brass, bi-metallic, 25.75mm, 8.5g, 10 years of euro: 2002-2012. 2012 Germany
Italy, 2 euros, 2006, Cu-Ni-Ni-Brass, bi-metallic, 25.75mm, 8.5g, Skier Giochi Invernali, Torino... 2006 Italy
Hzungary, 3000 forints, 2012, Ag, 20g, Imre Madách, writer, 150th Anniversary of the debute of... 2012 Hungary
France, 10 euros, 2011, Ag-Cu, 29mm, 10g, Provence-Alpes-Cotes d'Azur. 2011 France
France, 2 euros, Cu-Ni-Ni-Brass, bi-metallic, 25.75mm, 8.5g, 30 Anniversaire, Fete de la Musique,... 2011 France
France, 2 euros, 2010, Cu-Ni-Ni-Brass, bi-metallic, 25.75mm, 8.5g, 70 ans Appel 18 Juin, Charles... 2010 France
Hungary, 5000 forints, 2011, Ag, 38.61mm, 31.46g, Busó Festival at Mohács. 2011 Hungary
Hungary, 5000 forints, 2011, Au, 11mm, 0.5g, Adam Clark, 1811-1866, 200th Anniversary of the... 2011 Hungary
USA, 5 cents, 2011, MM. P (Philadelphia), Jefferson, Castle Monticello. 2011 USA
United Kingdom, 20 pence, 2011, Cu-Ni, 7 sided, 21.4mm, 5g, Queen Elizabeth II. 2011 United Kingdom
United Kingdom, 10 pence, Cu-Ni, 24.5mm, 6.5g, Queen Elizabeth II. 2009 United Kingdom
United Kingdom, 5 pence, Ni-Steel, 18mm, 3.25g, Queen Elizabeth II. 2012 United Kingdom
United Kingdom, 1 penny, Cu-Steel, 20.32mm, 3.56g, Queen Elizabeth II. 2012 United Kingdom
Canada, 1 dollar, Queen Elizabeth II, Common Loon, New Mint Mark. 2012 Canada
Italy, 2 euros, 2010, Cu-Ni-Ni-S, bi-metallic, 25.75mm, 8.5g, MM: Rome, Raffaello's Dante... 2010 Italy
Italy, 50 cents, 2010, Cu-Al-Zn-Sn, 24.25mm, 7.8g, Marcus Aurelius, New Europe Map, MM: Rome. 2010 Italy
Morocco, 10 dirhams, 2011, Al-Bronze-Cu-Ni, bi-metallic, 27mm, 9g, M’gouna kasbah, King... 2011 Morocco
Morocco, 10 dirhams, 2002, Al-Bronze-Cu-Ni, bi-metallic, 26.9mm, 9g, King Mohammed VI. 2002 Morocco
Morocco, 10 dirhams, 1995, Al-Bronze-Cu-Ni, bi-metallic, 28mm, 12g, Hooded head. 1995 Morocco