I collect World coins by type, especially interested in African coins.

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Poland, 4 dukats, Cu-Al-Zn-Sn, 27mm, 8.5g, Poznan, ulica sw. Marcin 2012 Exonumia Europe
Hungary, 10 krajczar, 1870, Ag, 1.66g, MM: KB (Körmöcbánya), King Franz Joseph I, Holy Crown... 1870 Hungary
Austria, 3 kreuzer, 1840, Ag, 1.7g, MM: A (Vienna), Emperor Ferdinand I. 1840 Austria
Austria, 1 thaler, 1824, Ag, 40mm, 28.06g, Mint Mark: B (Körmöcbánya - Kremnitz), Emperor... 1824 Austria
Belgium, 1 euro, 2011, Ni-Brass-Cu-Ni, bi-metallic, 23.25mm, 7.5g, King Albert II, Complete... 2011 Belgium
Hungary, 3000 forint, 2013, Ag, 200th Anniversary of the Birth of József Eötvös, Hungarian... 2013 Hungary
Hungary, 3000 forint, 2013, Ag, 30mm, 12.5g, FIFA World Cup Brasil, 2014. 2013 Hungary
Canada, 20 dollars, 2013, Ag, 27mm, 7.96g, Santa Claus, Queen Elizabeth II. 2013 Canada
Canada, 20 dollars, 2012, Ag, 27mm, 7.96g, The end of the iconic maple leaf twig desgin, Queen... 2012 Canada
Canada, 25 cents, 2013, Ni-Steel, de Salaberry 1812, Queen Elizabeth II. 2013 Canada
Canada, 25 cents, 2012, Ni-Steel, Colored coin, Tecumseh 1812, Queen Elizabeth II. 2012 Canada
Canada, 25 cents, 2010, Ni-Steel, Colored coin, 23.9mm, 4.4g, 1945-2010, 65th Anniversary of the... 2010 Canada
Czechoslovakia, 100 korun, 1948, Ag, 31mm, 14g, 600 years of Charles University. 1948 Czech Republic
Liberia, 10 dollars, 2001, Cu-Ni, Colored coin, 38.61mm, 28.5g, Moments of Freedom: French... 2001 Liberia
Mexico, 5 pesos, 2012, Steel-Al-Bronze, Bi-metallic, 25.5mm, Mexican Eagle. 2012 Mexico
Mexico, 50 centavos, 2013, Steel. 2013 Mexico
Jamaica, 20 dollars, 2008, Ni-Brass-Cu-Ni, bimetallic, 23mm, 7.8g, The Rt. Excellent Marcus... 2008 Jamaica
Jamaica, 10 dollars, 2005, Ni-Steel, 5.94g, wavy edge, The Rt. Excellent George William Gordon,... 2005 Jamaica
Jamaica, 1 dollar, 2008, Ni-Steel, 18.5mm, 2.9g, The Rt. Excellent Sir Alexander Bustamante,... 2008 Jamaica
Jamaica, 1 dollar, 2005, Ni-Steel, 18.5mm, 2.91g, unusal shape: 7-sided, The Rt. Excellent Sir... 2005 Jamaica