I collect World coins by type, especially interested in African coins.

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Hungary, 5000 forint, 2005, Ag, 400th Anniversary of Electing István Bocskai to Prince of... 2005 Hungary
France, 50 euro cents, 2001, Cu-Al-Zn-Sn, 24.25mm, 7.8g.... 2001 France
Cyprus, 2 euros, 2008, Cu-Ni-Ni-Brass, 25.75mm, 8.5g, bi-metallic, A cross-shaped idol dating... 2008 Cyprus
Umayyads, fals, cca 700, Bronze, Early plain Shada type from the Umayyads, probably minted in... 700 Jordan
France, jeton de compte, no date, billion, 26 mm, fleur-de-lis in trefoil, fleury cross, minted... 1461 Exonumia Europe
Mexico, 5 centavos, 1959, Brass, White Josefa.... 1959 Mexico
Austria, 10 kreuzer, 1872, Ag, Emperor Franz Joseph I.... 1872 Austria
United Kingdom, 1 shilling, 1948, Cu-Ni, 23mm, 5.68g, Scottish Coat of Arms, King George VI. 1948 United Kingdom
Iraq, 500 fils, 1982, Ni, Palm Tree, square shape.... 1982 Iraq
Hungary, 5000 forints, 2004, Ag, Royal Castle of Visegrád.... 2004 Hungary
Poland, 1/2 grosz, no date, Ag, John Albert I (1492-1501), REGIS POLONIE / MONETA I ALBERTI.... 1492 Poland
Canada, 1 dollar, 1992, Ni-Bronze, 11 sided, Queen Elizabeth II, 1867-1992, 125th Anniversary of... 1992 Canada
Barbados, 25 cents, 1978, Cu-Ni, Morgan Lewis Sayer Mill.... 1978 Barbados
Cyprus, 1 euro, 2008, Ni-Brass-Cu-Ni, 23.25mm, 7.5g, bi-metallic, A cross-shaped idol dating back... 2008 Cyprus
Syria, 25 pounds, 1996, Al-Bronze-Steel, 25mm, 6.45g, 1970-1995, 25th Anniversary of the... 1996 Syria
Cyprus, 5 cents, 1991, Ni-Brass, 22mm, 3.75g, Stylized Bull head. 1991 Cyprus
Hungary, 500 forints, 1984, Ag, XIVth Winter Olympic Games Sarajevo, Cross-country skiers.... 1984 Hungary
Guatemala, 1 centavo, 1989, Brass, Fray Bartolome de las Casas.... 1989 Guatemala
Azerbaijan, 1 qapik, no date, map, musical instruments.... 2006 Azerbaijan
Liberia, 10 dollars, 2001, Cu-Ni, Moments of Freedom: Liberation of Vienna from the Turkish -... 2001 Liberia