I collect World coins by type, especially interested in African coins.

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Sweden, 1 öre, 1962, Bronze, Gustaf VI Adolf, Sveriges Konung.... 1962 Sweden
Roman Empire, denarius, 196, Ag, Septimius Severus (193-211), L SEPT SEV PERT AVG IMP VIIII, VOTA... 196 Roman Empire
Solomon Islands, 10 cents, 1977, Cu-Ni, 23.6mm, 5.65g, Queen Elizabeth II, Sea Spirit 1977 Solomon Islands
Cuba, 1 peso, 2000, Guamá.... 2000 Cuba
Burma, 25 pya, 1956, Cu-Ni, Burmanese Lion, unusual shape.... 1956 Myanmar
Czechoslovakia, Replica of the Slovak Janosikov ducat from 1713, both sides are identical.... 1713 Exonumia Europe
Hungary, 2000 forints, 1997, Ag, Old Lake Balaton ships: Helka and Kelén.... 1997 Hungary
Cuba, 1 centavo, 2003, Al, Plaza de la Revolucion.... 2003 Cuba
Canada, Ni, Canada Post, Millennium.... 2000 Exonumia North America
Hungary, denár, no date, Ag, from King Stephan III (III. István, 1162-1172) 1162 Hungary
Republic of Vietnam, 10 dongs, 1970, Ni-Steel, Rice plant. 1970 Vietnam
Southern Rhodesia, 3 pence, 1951, Ag, King George VI.... 1951 Zimbabwe
Israel, 10 sheqalim, 1984, Cu-Ni, Ancient Galleon, HD5744... 1984 Israel
Cyprus, 20 cents, 1985, Ni-Brass, 27.25mm, 7.75g, Piled Wheatear. 1985 Cyprus
Lebanon, 50 livres, 1996, Steel, unusual shape, Cedar tree. 1996 Lebanon
Sierra Leone, 10 cents, 1964, Cu-Ni, cocoa-bean, Sir Milton Margai.... 1964 Sierra Leone
British Caribbean Territories Eastern Group, 10 cents, 1955, Cu-Ni, Queen Elizabeth II, Ship.... 1955 Grenada
USA, Bronze, struck from 1 cent coin by hand commemorating the 100th Anniversary of Liberty... 1992 Exonumia North America
Tunisia, 1/2 dinar, 1997, FAO, Coat of Arms.... 1997 Tunisia
Argentina, 10 pesos, 1977, Al-Bronze, 1777-1977, Admiral G. Brown bicentennial.... 1977 Argentina