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26Fe Japan cast Iron Cash coins (Tsuho or "current treasure") during the Kan-Ei era. US cents... 1624 Japan
29Cu George III "Cartwheel" two pence, struck in pure copper. Weight 2 oz. Diameter 41mm,... 1797 United Kingdom
78Pt The 3, 6, and 12 Ruble coins of 1828-1845 were the only Platinum coins ever minted for... 1835 Russia
34Se NOT IN MY COLLECTION. This selenium medal in the British Science Museum features the head... 1862 Exonumia Europe
28Ni Swiss 20 Rappen. Although Nickel is found in coin alloys since antiquity, this is the first... 1881 Switzerland
52Te NOT IN MY COLLECTION. Mining medal issued for the Hungary Millenium. Obv: MAGY. KIR.... 1896 Hungary
77Ir Medal commemorating Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee. M.B.T.D on bust indicates Birmingham... 1897 United Kingdom
13Al First circulating Aluminum coin. Prior to the invention of the Hall-Héroult electrolytic... 1907 East Africa
82Pb The State of Durango issued Lead coins during the Mexican Revolution. (JM9) 1914 Mexico
47Ag Morgan Silver Dollar. Silver has been used in coins since the electrum gold/silver alloy... 1921 USA
6C These Carbon coins are made of compressed coal dust by the C. Conradty factory, which made... 1922 Germany
79Au St. Gaudens Standing Liberty $20 Double Eagle. The earliest coins, the Lydian trite about... 1927 USA
51Sb Guizhou (Kweichow) province struck half a million 10 Fen coins of Antimony dated 1931 and... 1931 China
12Mg The Lodz (renamed Litzmannstadt) ghetto in Poland made coins of Magnesium alloy out of... 1943 Poland
25Mn Because nickel was a scarce strategic metal during World War II, from 1942 to 1945 US 5 cent... 1944 USA
24Cr Chromium-plated steel Canadian wartime "V" nickel. Morse code inscription around reverse... 1945 Canada
50Sn King Ananda 25 Satang in Tin (JM19) 1946 Thailand
30Zn Frederik IX 5 øre struck in zinc. (JM23) 1954 Denmark
14Si NOT IN MY COLLECTION. This is a very rare 25-cent-size pattern made in nickel-silicon alloy. 1964 USA
74W These Tungsten US Half Eagle patterns were struck by Sunzarc for Fred Zinkann. 88 are known.... 1987 USA
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