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KM-59, 1931 Italy 5 centesimi, Rome mint (R mint mark); bronze, plain edge; Vittorio Emmanuele... 1931 Italy
KM-28, 1910 Bulgaria lev; silver, lettered edge; Ferdinand I, lightly toned extra fine or better. 1910 Bulgaria
KM-684, 1857 Sweden 25 ore; silver, reeded edge; Oscar I, 7 over 6 variety, scarcer year but poor... 1857 Sweden
KM-5, 1926 Greenland 25 ore; copper-nickel, plain edge; Danish possession, average uncirculated... 1926 Denmark
1 centesimo. Venetian uprising against the Habsburgs of 1848-1849. Cu. 1849 Italy
6 kreuzer. Brandenburg-Ansbach. Iohann Friedrich (1667-1686). Ag. 1677 Germany
Groshen (3 kreuzer). Austrian arm. Carolus VI (1711-1740). Ag359f. 1,74gr. 1721 Austria
6 kreuzer. Bohemian arm. Maria Theresia (1745-1780). Ag438f. 3,29gr. 1747 Czech Republic
2020 £5 The Queen’s Beast, White Lion of Mortimer 2019 United Kingdom
2020 £5 Lunar Year of the Rat 2019 United Kingdom
£5 The Pride of England. Test Series win over Australia 2019 United Kingdom
£5 Remembrance Day 2019 United Kingdom
50p Paddington at St. Paul’s Cathedral 2019 United Kingdom
50p British Indian Ocean Territory. Hawksbill Turtle 2019 United Kingdom
50p British Indian Ocean Territory. Leatherback Turtle 2019 United Kingdom
£5 'We Will remember Them' 2019 Jersey
£5 'Lest We Forget' 2014 Jersey
Y#30, 1936 Poland 2 zlote, no mint mark; silver, reeded edge; Gdynia seaport circulation... 1936 Poland
Y#129a, 1974 Russia (USSR) 5 kopeks; aluminum-bronze, reeded edge; proof like uncirculated. 1974 Russia
KM-774, 1890 Great Britain shilling; silver, reeded edge; late Victoria, good fine to about very... 1890 United Kingdom