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Ar 20 kopeck 1877 SPB-NF 1877 Russia
AR 20 kopeck 1825 SPB-NG 1825 Russia
AR 20 kopeck 1776 SPB-TI 1776 Russia
AR Token - Peace with the Porte, December 29 1791 1791 Russia
AR 15 kopeck 1883 SPB-AG 1883 Russia
France 10 francs. 1929, Ag 680. 1929 France
Hungary 10 krajczar. 1869 KB - Kremnica/ Körmöcbánya/Kremnitz. Ag 400. 1869 Hungary
Probus 276-278Ad, Antoninianus. Size 21mm and weighs 3.76g. RESTITVTOR ORBIS - Emperor in... 276 Roman Empire
KM-6, 1923 Czechoslovakia 5 haleru; BRONZE, plain edge; first Republican coinage, uncirculated or... 1923 Czech Republic
KM-507, DAV EC IV#334, AH1203//03 (1791) Turkey (Osman Empire) yuzluk (100 para), Istambol... 1203 Turkey
KM-5, 1930 Vatican lire; copper-nickel, reeded edge; Pius XI, year IX, toned uncirculated,... 1930 Vatican
KM-63, 1925 Italy 2 lire; nickel, plain edge; Vittorio Emmanuele III, toned extra fine or so,... 1925 Italy
£5 Tower of London series, The White Tower. 2020 United Kingdom
KM-824, 1926 Great Britain 1/2 penny; bronze, plain edge; George V, modified effigy, scarcer... 1926 United Kingdom
KM-35, 1903 Italy (Kingdom) centesimo, Rome mint (R mint mark); cbronze, plin edge; early... 1903 Italy
KM-384, 1927 Norway 25 ore; copper nickel, plain edge; Haakon VII, good fine or better. 1927 Norway
KM-23, 1953 Switzerland 1/2 franc, Berne mint (B mint mark); silver, reeded edge; decent... 1953 Switzerland
Claudius II, Gothicus 268-270 Ad. AE Antoninianus. FIDES EXERCI, Fides standing left, holding one... 268 Roman Empire
Constantine I 318Ad. AE follis. VICTORIAE LAETAE PRINC PERP, two Victories holding shield... 318 Roman Empire
Constantius II 347-348 Ad. AE3. VICTORIAE DD AVGG Q NN, two Victories facing each other holding... 347 Roman Empire