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KM-759, AH1327//5 (1913) Turkey 5 para, Constantinople mint; copper nickel, plain edge; Muhammad... 1913 Turkey
KM-1372.2, 1867 Papal States (Vatican) soldo; copper, plain edge; XXI year of Pius IX,... 1867 Vatican
USSR. Poltinnik (50 kopeeks). 43.558.000 units. The coin was found in the Moscow region... 1925 Russia
Russia 1757 2 kopek. Weight: 17.26g 1757 Russia
5 hryvnia 100 years National Honored Academic Chapel 2019 Ukraine
2 Hryvni white-tailed eagle 2019 Ukraine
2 Hryvni Panas Saksagansky Outstanding People 2019 Ukraine
2 Hryvni Bogdan Khannenko Outstanding People 2019 Ukraine
5 hryvnia 75 years of liberation 2019 Ukraine
£5. 150 Years of the British Red Cross. 2020 United Kingdom
KM-905, 1962 Great Britain shilling; copper-nickel, reeded edge; Elizabeth II, Scottish crest,... 1962 United Kingdom
KM-40, 1966 Switzerland 5 francs, Bern mint (B mint mark); silver, raised lettered edge; common... 1966 Switzerland
Ireland 1818 1 Penny currency token. 1818 Ireland
Ireland 1681 1/2 Penny. King Charles II. 1681 Ireland
KM-111, 1969 Vatican 10 lire; aluminum, plain edge; Pope Paul VI, year VII, one year type, bright... 1969 Vatican
KM-24, 1939 Vatican 20 centesimi; nickel, reeded edge; Pope Pius XII, year I, one year type,... 1939 Vatican
KM-2129, 1802 Austria 7 kreuzer, Kremnitz mint (B mint mark); silver, chain ornament; Franz II,... 1802 Austria
KM-37, 1936 Germany (Weimar) reichspfennig, Munich mint (D mint mark); bronze, plain edge; last... 1936 Germany
KM-6, 1877 Germany (Empire) 50 pfennig, Berlin mint (A mint mark); silver, reeded edge; Wilhelm... 1877 Germany
C# 163, 1850 Russia (Empire) 5 kopeks; silver, plain edge with dotted line; Nicolas I rule, not a... 1850 Russia