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KM-44, 1973 Germany (East) 10 mark, Berlin mint (A mint mark); copper-nickel, reeded edge; 10'th... 1973 Germany
Ireland 2000 1 Pound. Millennium. Piedfort. 2000 Ireland
Y#AA47, Poland 1973 10 groszy, Warsaw mint (MW mint mark in monogram); aluminum, plain edge;... 1973 Poland
KM-792, 1909 Great Britain farthing; bronze, plain edge; Edward VII, blackened at mint, good... 1909 United Kingdom
KM-10, 1895 Germany (Empire) pfenning, Karlsruhe mint (G mint mark); copper, plain edge; Wilhelm... 1895 Germany
Y#46, Poland 1960 2 zlote; aluminum, reeded edge; second circulation issue, nice bright almost... 1960 Poland
KM-5, 1935 Ireland 6 pence; copper-nickel, plain edge; scarcest of the first Republican issue,... 1935 Ireland
KM-110, 1950 Germany (Federal Republic) mark, Karlsruhe mint (G mint mark); copper-nickel,... 1950 Germany
Y#12, 1923 Poland 20 groszy, Warsaw mint (WJ mint mark); nickel, plain edge; good very fine or... 1923 Poland
KM-15a, 1965 Ireland florin (2 shillings); copper-nickel, reeded edge; decent high grade, almost... 1965 Ireland
KM-2, 1875 Germany 2 pfennig, Hamburg mint (J mint mark); copper, plain edge; Wilhelm I, rather... 1875 Germany
Y#21a.2, 1876 Russia (Empire) 15 kopeks, St. Petersburg mint (СПБ mint mark); silver, reeded... 1876 Russia
Sadagura 1772 1 para - 3 dengi. Scarce variety "valak"! Pretty nice condition. Weight: 10.46g 1772 Romania
Russia 1726 1 kopek. Holed but a scarce pattern!!! Rare in any condition. Weight: 6.47g 1726 Russia
KM-905, 1954 Great Britain shilling; copper-nickel, reeded edge; Elizabeth II, Scottish crest... 1954 United Kingdom
KM-596, 1975 Portugal 50 centavos; bronze, plain edge; common but nice red uncirculated. 1975 Portugal
50p 75th Anniversary of VE Day 2020 Isle of Man
BIOT 50p 150th Anniversary of the 1st Voyage of the Cutty Sark 2020 United Kingdom
£5 Remembrance Day 2020 United Kingdom
£5 The Royal Mint 2020 United Kingdom