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KM-792, 1906 Great Britain farthing; bronze, plain edge; Edward VII, very fine or almost, most of... 1906 United Kingdom
KM-81.1, 1963 Vatican 50 lire; stainless steel, reeded edge; Year I of Pope Paul VI, bright and... 1963 Vatican
KM-873, 1871 German States Bavaria (Bayern) kreuzer; silver, plain edge; Ludwig II, last... 1871 Germany
Claudius II Gothicus 268-270Ad. Antoninianus. IOVI STATORI, Jupiter standing holding sceptre and... 268 Roman Empire
AE Polushka (1/4 kopeck) 1757. Sestroretsk Mint. 1757 Russia
KM-24, 1946 Switzerland franc; silver, reeded edge; good very fine, obverse stained. 1946 Switzerland
KM-24.2, 1887 Italy (Kingdom) lira, Milan mint (M mintmark); silver, lettered edge; Umberto I,... 1887 Italy
KM-13.2, 1863 Italy (Kingdom) 20 centesimi, Naples mint (N mint mark); silver, plain edge;... 1863 Italy
KM-51, 1758 German States Aahen 12 heller; copper, plain edge; Free Imperial City of Aahen,... 1758 Germany
KM-755, 1904 Sweden 10 ore; silver, plain edge; Oscar II, late common year, extra fine or almost. 1904 Sweden
KM-727, 1828 German States Bavaria kreuzer; silver, plain edge; Ludwig I, most common year of the... 1828 Germany
KM-175, 1818 Switzerland canton Bern rappen; billon, plain edge; first of the two-year type,... 1818 Switzerland
KM-122, 1794 Switzerland canton Bern 1/2 kreuzer (vierer); billon, plain edge; City of Bern... 1794 Switzerland
Coronation token for the coronation of Ferdinand as King of Hungary Ferdinand the Fifth. 28... 1830 Hungary
KM-172, 1811 Switzerland canton Bern rappen; billon, plain edge; 2-year type, very well preserved... 1811 Switzerland
Tacitus 275-76Ad Silvered Antoninianus. FIDES MILITVM, Fides standing left, holding two... 275 Roman Empire
KM-602, 1773 Great Britain farthing; copper, plain edge; George III, very fine details, but some... 1773 United Kingdom
KM-436.1, 1674 Great Britain farthing; copper, plain edge; Charles II, well circulated very good... 1674 United Kingdom
KM-557, 1722 Great Britain 1/2 penny; copper, plain edge; George I, good to about very good, no... 1722 United Kingdom
Gallienus 263Ad, Antoninianus. SOLI CONS AVG, Pegasus springing right. GALLIENVS AVG, radiate,... 263 Roman Empire
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