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Olbia - Sarmatia Black Sea Area 550 - 525bc Olbian Dolphin bronze coin. Length 23,9... 550 Greece
Bosporus Rhescuporis VI 303 – 342 AD Stater "BACILEVC PHCKOYPORIC" King's bust right;... 323 Roman Empire
Thrace, Apollonia Pontika 450-400bc. AR Drachm Facing gorgoneion Anchor; A to left,... 450 Greece
Illyria Dyrrhachion 250-200 BC. AR Drachm Cow standing right, looking back at suckling calf... 250 Greece
Thessaly Thessalian League 196-146bc Head of Athena in Corinthian helmet right Greek letters... 196 Greece
98-117ad Trajan Denarius Imp Traiano Avg Ger Dac Pm Trp Lauriated head Cos V Pp Spqr Optimo... 98 Roman Empire
337-361ad Constantius II Centenionalis Dn Constantivs Pf Avg Diad bust Fel Temp Repartio... 337 Roman Empire
253 - 268ad Gallienus Billon Antoninianus Radiated bust Abundantia emptying a cornucopiae.... 253 Roman Empire
Salonina Billon Antoninianus Diademed and draped bust right on crescent Pietas seated left... 268 Roman Empire
50 Cent The Anzac commemorative coin is New Zealand’s first circulating coloured coin 2015 New Zealand
5 Euros 200th Anniversary of the Netherlands Bank 2014 Netherlands
2 euros Juan Carlos & Felipe VI 2014 Spain
2 euros Grand Duke Jean Accession to the Throne 2014 Luxembourg
2 euros Saint Cyrillus & Methodius 2013 Slovakia
5 euros The Windmill Designed by Tine Melzer 2014 Netherlands
5 euros Netherlands 150th birthday of Vincent van Gogh Designed by Karel Martens 2003 Netherlands
£20 Outbreak of WWI Designed by John Bergdahl 2014 United Kingdom
£5 200th Anniversary of Waterloo Designed by David Lawrence 2015 United Kingdom
£5 50th Anniversary of the Death of Sir Winston Churchill Designed by Mark Richards 2015 United Kingdom
£5 300th Anniversary of the Death of Queen Anne Designed by Mark Richards 2014 United Kingdom