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$1 Maple Leafs 100th Anniversary a 2017 Canada
5Bc Greek Ionia. AR Silver Trihemiobole. Weight 0.8g. Diam 8mm. I am not sure if the above... 5 Greece
2Bc Bronze Celtic Pannonia, Cotini Horse running left Plain with large hump Weight 2.3g Diam... 2 Roman Empire
Albania Italian occupation of 0.20 Leke 1941 Albania
10 Francs 1932 France
1 Lira R = Rome Mint mark 1923 Italy
50 Centiemes R = Rome Mint Mark Plain Edge 1920 Italy
Swiss canton of Geneva 3 Sols Billion 1791 Switzerland
50 Centesimi Reeded Edge 1920 Italy
1 Ore King Christian IX 1889 Denmark
Italian States Sardinia 5 Centesimi 1826 Italy
Netherlands Indies 1/4 Stuiver 1823 Netherlands
Netherlands West Freisland 2 stuivers 1794 Netherlands
Italian State of Naples King Ferdinando IV Un Grano Cavalli 12 1793 Italy
Claudius II Gothicus Billon Antoninianus 268-270 CONC-OR AVG- two veiled figures facing, both... 268 Roman Empire
Roman Republic Denarius P. Satrienus Rome mint, 77 BC ROMA legend above, she-wolf walking... 77 Roman Empire
50-5 BC Corieltauvi Silver Unit South Ferriby Type S397 50 United Kingdom
Papal State 1 Lira Pope Pius IX 1867 Italy
1/16 Riksdaler King Oscar I 1848 Sweden
British Colony of Essequibo & Demerary One Quater Guilder 1835 Guyana