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Circa 193 Septimius Severus AE24 Four-assaria of Odessos, Thrace. OΔHCCEITΩN, the Great God of... 193 Roman Empire
57-12Bc Azes I, Indo-Scythians, MAHARAJASA RAJARAJASA MAHATASA AYASA, in Karosthi, lion standing... 57 India
Circa 260Ad Gallienus Sole reign. Billon antoninianus. NEPTVNO CONS AVG, hippocamp springing... 260 Roman Empire
270Ad Quintillus Antoninianus. VICTORIA AVG, Victory walking right, holding wreath and palm. G in... 270 Roman Empire
Circa 50Bc, Iberia Castulo. Bull standing right crescent above. Diademed male head right. 50 Spain
Circa 208-48Bc Illyria-Apollonia. Drachm. Agias (Moneyer), Epikadou (Magistrate). ΑΓΙΑΣ, Cow... 208 Albania
Circa 140Ad Diva Faustina Senior wife of the Emperor Antoninus Pius Denarius. AETERNITAS, Juno... 140 Roman Empire
247-258Ad Gallienus joint reign & Valerian. Antoninianus PIETASAVGG - Gallienus & Valerian... 247 Roman Empire
361-351Bc Cyprus Salamis Evagoras II Lion walking left, rams head above. Horse walking left, star... 361 Cyprus
261- 246Bc Seleucid kingdom of Antiochus II Theos. Bust of Antiochus. Apollo on omphalos holding... 261 Syria
161-150bc Seleucid kingdom, Demetrius I Soter. serrated. Artemis. bow and quiver. 161 Syria
128-129Ad Syria.Seleucis & Pieria Pseudo Autonomouse Issue under Hadrian. Turreted, bust of... 129 Syria
161-175Ad Thrace, Pautalia, Faustina II, AE20. OVLPIAC PAVTALIAC, Tyche standing,... 161 Roman Empire
491-518Ad Anastasius I. Follis. Constantinople. Large M, star to left & right, cross. DN... 491 Roman Empire
259-268Ad Billon Antoninianus Salonina Wife of Gallienus. FECVNDITAS AVG-Fecunditas, standing,... 259 Roman Empire
65Ad As NERO CLAVD CAESAR AVG GER P M TR P IMP P P, laureate. S-C, Victory flying left, holding... 65 Roman Empire
5 Hryven Revolution of Dignity Heroes of Maidan 2015 Ukraine
5 Hryven Revolution of Dignity Heavenly Hundred 0 Ukraine
5 Hryven Revolution of Dignity Euromaidan 2015 Ukraine
5 Hryvnias 475th Anniversaryof the City of Ternopil 2015 Ukraine