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Constantius II. AE. DN CONSTAN-TIVS PF AVG, pearl diademed, draped, cuirassed bust right, FEL... 337 Roman Empire
Lucilla Denarius, Commodu' sister, married to Verus. Denarius Bare head right, draped, OLVCILLA... 165 Roman Empire
Lucius Verus Denarius Bare head, r. IMP L VERVS AVG. Providentia standing l, holding globe... 161 Roman Empire
51–81Ad As Caeser, 81-96Ad Emperor Domitian AE25 of Antioch, Syria. DOMITIANVS CAESAR, laureate... 51 Roman Empire
$2 100th Anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge 2017 Canada
$1 Maple Leafs 100th Anniversary a 2017 Canada
5Bc Greek Ionia. AR Silver Trihemiobole. Weight 0.8g. Diam 8mm. I am not sure if the above... 5 Greece
2Bc Bronze Celtic Pannonia, Cotini Horse running left Plain with large hump Weight 2.3g Diam... 2 Roman Empire
Albania Italian occupation of 0.20 Leke 1941 Albania
10 Francs 1932 France
1 Lira R = Rome Mint mark 1923 Italy
50 Centiemes R = Rome Mint Mark Plain Edge 1920 Italy
Swiss canton of Geneva 3 Sols Billion 1791 Switzerland
50 Centesimi Reeded Edge 1920 Italy
1 Ore King Christian IX 1889 Denmark
Italian States Sardinia 5 Centesimi 1826 Italy
Netherlands Indies 1/4 Stuiver 1823 Netherlands
Netherlands West Freisland 2 stuivers 1794 Netherlands
Italian State of Naples King Ferdinando IV Un Grano Cavalli 12 1793 Italy
Claudius II Gothicus Billon Antoninianus 268-270 CONC-OR AVG- two veiled figures facing, both... 268 Roman Empire