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Circa 50Bc, Iberia Castulo. Bull standing right crescent above. Diademed male head right. 50 Spain
Circa 208-48Bc Illyria-Apollonia. Drachm. Agias (Moneyer), Epikadou (Magistrate). ΑΓΙΑΣ, Cow... 208 Albania
Circa 140Ad Diva Faustina Senior wife of the Emperor Antoninus Pius Denarius. AETERNITAS, Juno... 140 Roman Empire
247-258Ad Gallienus joint reign & Valerian. Antoninianus PIETASAVGG - Gallienus & Valerian... 247 Roman Empire
361-351Bc Cyprus Salamis Evagoras II Lion walking left, rams head above. Horse walking left, star... 361 Cyprus
261- 246Bc Seleucid kingdom of Antiochus II Theos. Bust of Antiochus. Apollo on omphalos holding... 261 Syria
161-150bc Seleucid kingdom, Demetrius I Soter. serrated. Artemis. bow and quiver. 161 Syria
128-129Ad Syria.Seleucis & Pieria Pseudo Autonomouse Issue under Hadrian. Turreted, bust of... 129 Syria
161-175Ad Thrace, Pautalia, Faustina II, AE20. OVLPIAC PAVTALIAC, Tyche standing,... 161 Roman Empire
491-518Ad Anastasius I. Follis. Constantinople. Large M, star to left & right, cross. DN... 491 Roman Empire
259-268Ad Billon Antoninianus Salonina Wife of Gallienus. FECVNDITAS AVG-Fecunditas, standing,... 259 Roman Empire
65Ad As NERO CLAVD CAESAR AVG GER P M TR P IMP P P, laureate. S-C, Victory flying left, holding... 65 Roman Empire
5 Hryven Revolution of Dignity Heroes of Maidan 2015 Ukraine
5 Hryven Revolution of Dignity Heavenly Hundred 0 Ukraine
5 Hryven Revolution of Dignity Euromaidan 2015 Ukraine
5 Hryvnias 475th Anniversaryof the City of Ternopil 2015 Ukraine
2 Hryvnias Oleksandr Murashko painter 2015 Ukraine
5 hryvnia 60th anniversary of the launch of the first satellite 2017 Ukraine
5 Hryven Kamianets-Podilskyi Castle 2017 Ukraine
5 Hryven Ukraine Begins with You 2016 Ukraine