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1 Dinar Aluminium/bronze Value & date Crown 1938 Yugoslavia
2003 10Y 1oz Silver Panda Pagoda 2003 China
1960 Crown Crown in center of emblamatic cross, shields in each corner Queen Elizabeth II 1960 United Kingdom
1959 10 Cents Value & date Queen Elizabeth II 1959 Hong Kong
1883 XX Rais Value & date in wreath Luiz I (The Popular/Good) 1861-1889 1883 Portugal
50c Guaita, Cesta, Montale (3 Towers) Fortress of San Marino Map of the community & Value 2006 San Marino
Tetricus I Rebel Emperor in Gaul 270-273ad Antoninianus IMP C TETRICVS P F AVG, radiate... 270 Roman Empire
1920 2 Pesos Value Eagle 1920 Mexico
2 zloty Zachodniopomorskie Province Provincial coat of arms Eagle over map of poland, value &... 2005 Poland
5 Euros Tyrolean Resistance Fighters 1809 Coat of arms of the 9 fedral provinces, value... 2009 Austria
10 para Sultan Abdülmecid I 1860 Egypt
1939 3d Threepence Value in wreath King George VI 1939 British West Africa
£5 Prince Charles 50th Birthday In Folder 1998 United Kingdom
British mandate 1941 2 Mill Date Palastine in 3 languges Value & plant 1941 Palestine
$1 Regina Centenary QEII 1982 Canada
1887 Florin Cruciform shilds, Star Garter in the centre, Scepters between shields Queen Victoria 1887 United Kingdom
1934 1 Piastre Value & date King George V 1934 Cyprus
Malaya & British Borneo 1958 10c Value & date Queen Elizabeth II 1958 Malaysia
Septimius Severus Denarius L SEPT SEV PERT AVG IMP V, laureate head right P M TR P III COS II... 193 Roman Empire
1906 5 Cents V in wreath Liberty head 1906 USA