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1883o Morgan Dollar Liberty Head & Eagle 1883 USA
5 Pesos 50th Anniversary Central Bank Value & Coat of Arms Sanchez 1997 Dominican Republic
5 Centisimos Coat of Arms Value 1932 Panama
William IV Groat-4d 1836 United Kingdom
20c Portrait of St Marinus from a 17th century painting by Van Guercino Map of the community &... 2005 San Marino
Spain 2e EMU Map of the community 2009 Spain
$1 1oz Silver Walking Liberty American Eagle 2008 USA
Coronation of Edward VII June 26 1902 portrait of King Edward and Queen Alexandra Allogorical... 1902 Exonumia Europe
1570-1850 Nawanagar State silver kori Imitation of coins of Muzaffar III of Gujarat Frozen... 1570 India
Bavaria 6 Kreuzer Maximilian Josef 1824 Germany
2 Zloty XXth Olympic Winter Games Turin Images of a running and shooting biathlonists Eagle,... 2006 Poland
1951 Crown Festival of Britain Issue Incused lettering on edge George & the Dragon King... 1951 United Kingdom
1/2 balboa Coat of arms Vasco nunez de Balboa in morion helmet and corselet armor 1962 Panama
1748–1754 Maratha Confederacy Bhonsla Hinganghat mint Under Muhammad Shah 1748 India
British East Africa 1936 10 cents Value above crossed elephant tusks & date Crown above value... 1936 East Africa
Ceylon 1870 5 Cent Palm Tree Queen Victoria 1870 Sri Lanka
2008P $1 Presidential Issue Statue of Liberty James Monroe 1817-1825 5th President of the USA 2008 USA
10 DM Death of Kaiser Friedrich Barbarossa Stylized portrait of the Empror Eagle value & date... 1990 Germany
1822 1/4d Farthing 1st Issue Seated Britannia King George IV 1822 United Kingdom
1/2 Sol de Ore Value Coat of arms within a wreath Struck Philadephia 1942 Peru