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300-250 BC. MASSALIA (Marseilles) Gallo-Greek seaport, SE France River god head Marseilles... -250 France
1570-1850 Nawanagar State silver kori Imitation of coins of Muzaffar III of Gujarat Frozen... 1570 India
1829R 40 on 20 Reis Value in wreath Crown above Globe Dom Pedro I Mint Mrk R = Rio De Janero 1829 Brazil
£5 Olympic countdown Stylized Cyclist in action Designed by Clair Aldridge Queens head by... 2011 United Kingdom
1921 2/- Florin Florin Cruciform shilds, Star in the centre, Scepters between shields King... 1921 United Kingdom
1924 1/2d Halfpenny Brittania seated holding trident George V 1911-1936 1924 United Kingdom
The Remembrance day Poppy Medal from the Royal Mint 2009 United Kingdom
$1 1oz Silver Walking Liberty American Eagle 2008 USA
Spain 2e EMU Map of the community 2009 Spain
2001 Crown Silver Spithead Revue 1897 2001 Gibraltar
1944s 1 Dime Nob tail s Fasces entwined with olive branch Liberty wearing a winged pileum... 1944 USA
1951 Crown Festival of Britain Issue Incused lettering on edge George & the Dragon King... 1951 United Kingdom
British East Africa 1/- Shilling 1941 Mount Kilimanjaro & prowling lion King George VI 1941 East Africa
1/2 balboa Coat of arms Vasco nunez de Balboa in morion helmet and corselet armor 1962 Panama
2000 Millenium set 25 cents February-Inginuity QEII 2000 Canada
1957 2/6 Half Crown Shield flanked by Intials Queen Elizabeth II 1957 United Kingdom
1822 1/4d Farthing 1st Issue Seated Britannia King George IV 1822 United Kingdom
10 DM Death of Kaiser Friedrich Barbarossa Stylized portrait of the Empror Eagle value & date... 1990 Germany
2 Euros Economic & Monetary Union, 1999-2009 Stick figure and Euro symbol two latent image of... 2009 Luxembourg
2 Zloty XXth Olympic Winter Games Turin Images of a running and shooting biathlonists Eagle,... 2006 Poland