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1934J 5M Church Potsdam Garrison Church German Eagle flanked by swastikas Mint Mrk J = Hamburg 1934 Germany
1604 to 1619 James I 2nd coinage Half Groat 1604 United Kingdom
1822 XX Reis Crown above value & date Globe John VI 1816-1826 Mint Mrk R = Rio De Janero 1822 Brazil
2zl Irena Sendlerowa, Zofia Kossak Szczucka and Sister Matylda GetterPoles who save Jews from... 2009 Poland
1946 Small date 5 Centavos Value within wreath Liberty head P mm = Philadephia 1946 Colombia
Coronation of Edward VII June 26 1902 portrait of King Edward and Queen Alexandra Allogorical... 1902 Exonumia Europe
2zl 90th Anniversary of the Battle of Warsaw 2010 Poland
50p 150th anniversary of the Victoria Cross depicting both faces of the medal Designed by... 2006 United Kingdom
1817 6d Shield in Garter George III 1760-1820 1817 United Kingdom
1944s 1 Dime Nob tail s Fasces entwined with olive branch Liberty wearing a winged pileum... 1944 USA
1966 1066-1966, 900th Anniversary of the Norman conquest 1/12 of a Shilling Shield & coat of... 1966 Jersey
1932 3d king protea (National flower) King George V 1932 South Africa
£5 Olympic countdown Stylized Cyclist in action Designed by Clair Aldridge Queens head by... 2011 United Kingdom
1921 2/- Florin Florin Cruciform shilds, Star in the centre, Scepters between shields King... 1921 United Kingdom
5 Pesos 50th Anniversary Central Bank Value & Coat of Arms Sanchez 1997 Dominican Republic
2 zloty 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Konstanty Galczynski 1905-1953 image of K I... 2005 Poland
20c Portrait of St Marinus from a 17th century painting by Van Guercino Map of the community &... 2005 San Marino
1829R 40 on 20 Reis Value in wreath Crown above Globe Dom Pedro I Mint Mrk R = Rio De Janero 1829 Brazil
2zl 600th Anniversary of the Battle of Grunwald 1410 2010 Poland
1883o Morgan Dollar Liberty Head & Eagle 1883 USA