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1946 Small date 5 Centavos Value within wreath Liberty head P mm = Philadephia 1946 Colombia
2006 25 cents Medal of Bravery QEII 2006 Canada
50 Centimos Coat of arms Simon Bolivar Struck Philadephia 1954 Venezuela
1604 to 1619 James I 2nd coinage Half Groat 1604 United Kingdom
1977 $1 Silver Waitangi Day QEII Silver Jubilee Issue 1977 New Zealand
£5 Olympic countdown Stylized Cyclist in action Designed by Clair Aldridge Queens head by... 2011 United Kingdom
1934J 5M Church Potsdam Garrison Church German Eagle flanked by swastikas Mint Mrk J = Hamburg 1934 Germany
2 zloty 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Konstanty Galczynski 1905-1953 image of K I... 2005 Poland
2zl Irena Sendlerowa, Zofia Kossak Szczucka and Sister Matylda GetterPoles who save Jews from... 2009 Poland
1817 6d Shield in Garter George III 1760-1820 1817 United Kingdom
Circa 1880's Germany Spiel Marke Napoleon III 1880 Exonumia Europe
1974 $1 Silver Comonwelth Games QEII 1974 New Zealand
1966 1066-1966, 900th Anniversary of the Norman conquest 1/12 of a Shilling Shield & coat of... 1966 Jersey
10 cents Kyrenia ship, 4th century BC. Map of the community & Value 2008 Cyprus
1922 1/4d Farthing Seated Britannia King George V 1922 United Kingdom
1829R 40 on 20 Reis Value in wreath Crown above Globe Dom Pedro I Mint Mrk R = Rio De Janero 1829 Brazil
5 Kopeks Alexander II ЕМ = Ekaterinaburg mint mark 1875 Russia
1957 2/6 Half Crown Shield flanked by Intials Queen Elizabeth II 1957 United Kingdom
1924 1/2d Halfpenny Brittania seated holding trident George V 1911-1936 1924 United Kingdom
2zl 600th Anniversary of the Battle of Grunwald 1410 2010 Poland