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50 koruna Czech Lion Praga Mater Urbium (Cityscape) 1998 Czech Republic
50-40 BC Nipple Potin Cantii Found Braughin Hearts UK 1.31g VA 139.01 CCI98.1029 -50 United Kingdom
1877H Heton Mint 1/12 of a Shilling Shield & coat of arms Queen Victoria 1877 Jersey
Constantine I 307 - 337 A.D. Follis 312-313AD Obv Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right.... 312 Roman Empire
Constantine I 307 - 337 A.D. Silverd AE Follis. 318-9 AD. Obv IMP CONSTAN-TINVS MAX AVG,... 318 Roman Empire
25p Tercentenary 1673 - 1973 Sailing ship off the Island Queen Elizabeth II 1973 Saint Helena
Unidentified Gaulish Horse Found near Dover 1.38g 0 France
Poland-Lithuania Silver Denar Sigismund II Augustus King of Poland-Grand Duke of Lithuania... 1555 Poland
1696/7 1/- Shilling Cruciform shilds with Dutch lion in center William III 1694-1702 No... 1696 United Kingdom
Ceylon 1870 5 Cent Palm Tree Queen Victoria 1870 Sri Lanka
10 Francs Native art above denomination Designed by A Guzman Liberty head, IEOM below head... 1985 French Polynesia
Iceland Kingdom 1923 25 Aurar Value Crown above coat of arms HCN = Mint master Hans... 1923 Iceland
1986s $1 Silver Ellis Island Gateway to America 1986 USA
1976 1 Crowm Bicentenary of US Indipendence George Washington QEII 1976 Isle of Man
10 Centimos Value in wreath Liberty head 1938 Argentina
10 Centimos Value in wreath Liberty head 1941 Argentina
20 BC Trinovantes Ruler, Tasciovanus Horse Celtic swirls 0.62g VA 1812.01 type -20 United Kingdom
1679 15 Kreuzer Leopold I 1658-1705 (the Hogmouth) Imperial Eagle Holy Roman Emperor, King... 1679 Hungary
2005 25 cents Alberta Centennial QEII 2005 Canada
Rhodesia & Nyasaland 1962 3d Threepence Flame lily QEII 1962 Rhodesia