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silver jeton struck for the Orangeries at either Chateau de Sceaux or Versailles. 1792 France
scarcer silver jeton of the `septieme corps des marchands' aka winemakers guild of Paris. This... 1693 France
scarcer silver jeton dated 1733 minted for the Languedoc Estates (Parliament). \obverse juvenile... 1733 France
Aberdeen Farthing. A commercial token issued circa 1860 -1870 by The North of Scotland Equitable... 1860 United Kingdom
silver jeton of the `septieme corps des marchands' aka winemakers guild of Paris. This jeton was... 1733 France
Ae Antoninianus of Tetricus II. Reverse has Spes advancing to left. In better than normal... 274 Italy
silver jeton issued for the wardens of St jaques de la Boucherie, Paris. This jeton evidences a... 1703 France
silver jeton issued for the wardens of St Gervais, Paris. originally struck under Louis XIV, This... 1750 France
silver jeton issued for the Burgundian Parliament at Dijon. 1645 France
Silver jeton struck for the wardens of the parish of St Germain L'Auxerois (Paris)using the same... 1786 France
silver jeton dated 1723 minted for the Languedoc Estates. \obverse bust of the young Louis XV.... 1723 France
Syracus silver obol struck circa 485 -475 bc. Obverse bust of Arethusa. Reverse four spoke wheel -485 Italy
Undated silver jeton issued for the Medical Society of Tours, circa 1832 (lampe antique mint mark... 1832 France
Help! Need identification of this provincial Ae of Julia Domna (obv) and presumably her husband,... 210 Italy
yellow copper jeton minted in 1617 for the then Prevost (Provost) des Marchands of Paris,... 1617 France
silver jeton minted in 1827 for the Toulouse Medical Society. 1827 France
nice Syracusan bronze Ae 7 coin (circa 320 bc). Femal head obverse, scallop and dolphin reverse. -320 Italy
Bronze coin from the city of Rhegium in Bruttium circa 270 bc. Obverse bust of Apollo to left.... -270 Italy
Quintillus Ae antonianus (270 ad). Silvering has long since gone, but underlying coin remains... 270 Italy
Julian II `The Apostate'(360-3 ad). Ae 1 (28mm)with portrait obverse and bull standing right,... 360 Italy
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