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original silver jeton struck for the monnayers and adjusters at Paris Mint 1723 France
scarcer silver jeton issued in 1704 during the reign of the sun king Louis XIV for M'sieu... 1704 France
scarcer silver jeton de presence issued in 1722 to members of the Bretonese parliament by his... 1722 France
1/2 birr. Strangely, harder to find than it's crown size big brother 1897 Ethiopia
Hendry VIII silver penny (sovereign style). This one minted at Durham during the time of Bishop... 1509 United Kingdom
Edward III silver halfpenny. 1344 United Kingdom
Severus Alexander denarius. Reverse, Severus making sacrifice at altar 227 Italy
Scarcer Carausius silvered antoniniani, minted circa 288ad at London. Pax standing to left S-P in... 288 Italy
Tiberius Ae semis. Obverse reads TI CAESAR AUGUST F IMPERAT VII, bust of Tiberius to right.... 14 Italy
Hadrian silver denarius minted circa 125ad. Reverse shows Spes to left raising her hem, and... 125 Italy
Maximinus I silver antoninianus minted 236 ad 236 Italy
Saloninus as Caesar (younger brother of Valerian II), base silver antoninianus. Obverse radiant... 259 Italy
Ae As of Nerve circa 97 ad. Obverse bust of Nerva. Reverse Aequitas standing left 97 Italy
Augustus silver quinarius minted at Emerita (Spain). Obverse Augustus. Reverse victory crowning... -25 Italy
bronze from Greek City State of Kamarina, Sicilly. Obverse bust of Athena. Reverse owl on a... -285 Italy
bronze from the Greek City State of Akragas, Sicilly. Obverse bust of Apollo. reverse two eagles. -350 Italy
Cleopatra I (depicted as Isis) copper drachm circa 180 bc. Cleopatra I was wife of Ptolemy V and... -180 Egypt
silver sixpence of the jubilee period of Queen Vic's lengthy reign over us Brits. 1887 United Kingdom
silver shilling with Queen Victoria sporting what must have been the most ill fitting crown ever... 1888 United Kingdom
scarcer type 5 francs of Phillipe I, minted at Lille (W mint mark). This type with incuse edge... 1830 France
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