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Jeton struck for Msieu Sallin, Deacon of the Faculty of Medecine, Paris 1785 France
scarcer silver jeton struck in 1712 for Notre Dame de Rouen. 1712 France
silver jeton struck for The `Havre'- Transports Maritimes' a french maritime assurer that was... 1904 France
silver jeton struck for La Compagnie Royale D'assurances Maritimes (1817) 1817 France
Jeton struck for a french Mutual Assurer providing cover to Brasseries (small french bistro type... 1846 France
scarcer silver jeton struck for the Burgundian parliament in 1692 1692 France
Suffolk `Beccles' 1/2d copper (conder) token 1795 United Kingdom
2 francs (Paris mint) counterstamped `Sedan' on obverse highlighting the disastrous (for the... 1868 France
Bury 1/2d conder token `Angel Hill', Bury. 0 United Kingdom
silver jeton struck for the `Bordelaise' a French maritime shipping assurer based in Bordeaux. 1843 France
Jeton struck in 1746 for The Grand Admiral of France. His bust as obverse, and the Argo as... 1746 France
Silver jeton struck for `Le Phenix', a french Life Assurer. The reverse design was used for... 1819 France
Bronze jeton struck for `La Concorde' a French Life Assurance company. This design was also... 1842 France
high grade silver jeton issued for Les Deux -Mondes, a french maritime assurer based in le Havre 0 France
Scarcer silver jeton dated 1858 and issued for `La Sphere' a French Maritime assurer based in Paris. 1858 France
scarcer silver jeton struck for the Societe d'Assurances Mutuelles Maritime 1846 France
scarcer silver jeton issued for La Meridionale, a French maritime assurer that was based in... 1870 France
Large medallion (74mm)struck in 1930 to commemorate the centenary of the three `Compagnies... 1930 France
small silver jeton issued in 1836 for L'Alliance,a french assurance company providing cover for... 1836 France
Queen Anne silver medalet (24mm diameter- roughly the size of a one shilling piece) issued in... 1707 United Kingdom
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