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Silver quinarius of the Roman republic depicting M Porcius Cato, a senator during the latter... -47 Italy
silver jeton de presence issued for the `Caisse Paternelle', a French assurance company. 1841 France
silver jeton de presence issued for Lyon Chamber of Commerce in 1880 commemorating its existence... 1880 France
2012 Silver American Eagle, a gift from a friend in the USA. Thanks Jud! 2012 USA
silver jeton de presence minted for Le Cercle Commercial, one of Frances maritime assurers at... 1860 France
Scarce silver jeton minted for M'sieu Chomel who was Deacon of the Faculty of Medecine, Paris... 1740 France
undated silver jeton (circa 1735) minted for the Poultry Inspectors who were charged with... 1735 France
Severus Alexander Sestertius `IOVI PROPUGNATORI' reverse 222 Italy
As de Nimes. Augustus and Agrippa obverse 'IMP DIVI F with PP'. Reverse: Crocodile and palm tree... -20 France
rare silver jeton struck during the reign of Henri IV for the Maitres des Requetes et Correcteurs... 1601 France
scarcer silver jeton minted in 1603 during the reign on Henri IV for issue to members of the... 1603 France
silver jeton de presence issued for the Societe Prevoyance des Pharmaciens de la Seine' , a... 1853 France
Trajan denarius struck at Rome circa 112 ad. Obverse bust of Trajan. Revers legionary eagle... 112 Italy
Carthage bronze circa 450 bc. Obverse: bust of Tanit. Reverse: horse. Condition is much better... -450 Tunisia
The Holy Grail of the Banque de France series of jetons? This is the jeton de presence issued for... 1796 France
beautiful small silver hemi-obol from the city state of Kyme, Aeolis minted circa 480 -450 bc.... -480 Turkey
Half Crown 1933 1933 United Kingdom
Decimius Flavus silver denier minted in Rome 150 bc. Obverse `Roma'. Reverse has Luna in a Biga. -150 Italy
silver jeton struck for the secretaires du roi in 1673 1673 France
silver jeton struck for the `ordinaire des guerres' during the reign of Louis XIV 1678 France
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