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Prussia - 1866A thaler 1866 Germany
Frankfurt Zwei (2) Thalers. 1866 Germany
Scarce silver jeton de presence issued for the `Lloyd Rouennais', an insurance syndicate set up... 1866 France
Prussia - 1865A 2 1/2 silber groschen 1865 Germany
silver jeton struck for L'Auxiliare, a french assurance company. 1865 France
silver jeton struck for the `Deux Poles' a French maritime assurer 1865 France
Mecklenburg Strelitz - copper 3 pfenninge. 1864 Germany
Travancore - silver `velli fanam` issued under Rama Varma IV. 1864 India
Hannover Thaler. never figured what was going on with this coin. Edge is worn but high points... 1863 Germany
A taler minted for use in Transylvania (E mint mark) 1863 Austria
Sarawak 1 cent of Rajah J. Brooke. 1863 Malaysia
bronze 1 cent 1863 Hong Kong
Hannover 2 pfennig. Hannover (B) mint 1863 Germany
Hannover 1/2 groschen. Hannover (B) mint 1863 Germany
Hannover groschen. Hannover (B) mint. Nice horsie! :) 1863 Germany
Nassau - 1863 Kreuzer 1863 Germany
Ein Vereinsthaler. (Official restrike). What looks like a scratch obverse is a die scratch. 1862 Liechtenstein
Straits settlements 1/2 cent issued by the British India Government. A pretty difficult coin to... 1862 Malaysia
Straits settlements 1 cent issued by the British India Government. Nice lower grade but trouble... 1862 Malaysia
Mecklenburg Strelitz - billon 1/48th thaler. 1862 Germany