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Ag British East Africa Company Rupee minted at Heaton mint in Birmingham for Mombasa, Zanzibar. 1888 East Africa
Imperial British East Africa Company copper `pice' minted at Calcutta mint, India (CM monogram... 1888 East Africa
Prussia - 1888 (Friedrich) 5 marks 1888 Germany
Prussia - 1888 (Wilhelm) 5 marks. Not the real McCoy however! This one is a gram over weight, but... 1888 Germany
Indore - 1888 large copper 1/2 anna. Nice coin with original lustre. 1888 India
silver swiss shooting medal dated 1888 and issued for the cantonal shooting festival at... 1888 Switzerland
silver shilling with Queen Victoria sporting what must have been the most ill fitting crown ever... 1888 United Kingdom
Silver crown showing Vicky wearing her jubilee head and a silly little crown perched on top. One... 1887 United Kingdom
Aussie gold. 1887 Victoria `Young Head' sovereign. Melbourne mint. 1887 Australia
Very three dimensional shooting medal by Lossier minted in silver for the federal shooting... 1887 Switzerland
Baroda - 1887 Paisa with 45 degree die rotation error. 1887 India
Indore - 1887 1/4 anna under Shivaji Rao. variant of 32.3 1887 India
Indore - 1887 large copper 1/2 anna 1887 India
Swiss shooting medal in bronze. Geneva 1881 by Bovy (4354 examples struck) 1887 Switzerland
Swiss Shooting Medal - Geneva 1887 1887 Switzerland
Silver Medal engraved by Louis Oscar Roty and struck to commemorate the inauguration of the Suez... 1887 France
silver shooting medal struck for the shooting festival in Geneva in 1887. Engraved by Lossier.... 1887 Switzerland
silver sixpence of the jubilee period of Queen Vic's lengthy reign over us Brits. 1887 United Kingdom
Yen with two chop marks obverse, one of which is a swastika 1886 Japan
Sarawak 1 cent of Rajah C. Brooke. 1886 Malaysia