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Lausanne Five Francs 1876 Switzerland
Baden 5 Marks of Friedrich I. 1876 Germany
Hamburg 2 Marks. First date in the series which has sadly been made into a fob...... :( Still a... 1876 Germany
Another superb gold 10 Gulden 1876. Different design from 1875. 1876 Netherlands
1876 CC dime. Bought this on impulse just to find I already have it....and in higher grade. :( 1876 USA
Prussia - 2 marks 1876A 1876 Germany
Prussia - 2 marks 1876C 1876 Germany
Prussia - 1876A 5 marks 1876 Germany
Prussia - 1876B 5 marks 1876 Germany
Prussia - 1876C 5 marks 1876 Germany
1876 1/12th anna. Bust `A', Calcutta mint. Myriads of die cracks around legends 1876 India
18761/4 anna. Minted at Calcutta. Bust `B', reverse II with raised `V'. Struck with dirty and... 1876 India
Scarcer silver jeton issued for the Chambre de Notaires, Montbrison. `Pipe' poincon (assay mark)... 1876 France
Hesse Darmstadt 5 Marks. Nice hefty silver coin. 1875 Germany
Superb gold 10 Gulden 1875. 1875 Netherlands
bronze 1 cent 1875 Hong Kong
Prussia - 1875A 5 marks 1875 Germany
Prussia - 1875B 5 marks 1875 Germany
Silver jeton minted for the French Embassy in Rome. Obverse shows facade of the Eglise de St... 1875 France
rare and hard to find silver jeton issued for L'Assurance Financiere', an insurer inaugurated in... 1875 France