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Gwalior - 1869 paisa. 1869 India
silver jeton struck for Lloyd des Assureurs & Courtiers Maritimes de Marseille, a french... 1869 France
Baden silver 3 kreuzer (.35). Nice coin but a couple of small stains obverse. 1868 Germany
Prussia - 1868A thaler. Not quite EF obverse 1868 Germany
Hyderabad - copper `dub' (paisa). Now this coinage is really crudely made. One thick slug of... 1868 India
3 cents 1868 USA
silver jeton de presence struck for `La Mer', a maritime assurer 1868 France
2 francs (Paris mint) counterstamped `Sedan' on obverse highlighting the disastrous (for the... 1868 France
silver jeton steuck for La Mer, a French maritime assurance company 1868 France
Silver jeton of `L'Ocean'maritime assurance company. Their first jeton didn't have the shell. It... 1867 France
1867 3 cents, probably cleaned obverse. 1867 USA
Prussia - 1867A thaler 1867 Germany
Scarcer silver jeton issued for the `Anciens Courtiers Du Havre' a maritime assurance syndicate. 1867 France
silver jeton struck for the Societe de Garantie Mutuelle Contre Le Piquage D'Onces, a society... 1867 France
Sydney Mint Half Sovereign 1866 and Sovereign 1868. 1866 Australia
bronze 1 cent 1866 Hong Kong
1 lire 1866 Vatican
Frankfurt 3 Kreuzer 1866 Germany
Hesse Darmstadt- copper 1 Pfennig 1866 Germany
Oldenburg - billon 1/2 groschen (stained) 1866 Germany