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British West Africa silver shilling> looks is if it has been cleaned but its actually the dies... 1914 Nigeria
silver jeton de presence struck for the French Coal Mining `Compagnie de Vicoigne et de Noeux in... 1914 France
Prussian 3 Marks commemoration 100 years sincedefeat of Napoleon 1913 Germany
Nice 1913 line type nickel. 1913 USA
Prussia - 1913A 3 marks. Nice military bust of `Kaiser Bill'. 1913 Germany
Prussia - `Kaiser Bill' 5 marks. Military bust 1913 Germany
1913 Barber half $. Nicely toned and reasonably high grade example for this type. Minted in Denver. 1913 USA
large (46mm)silver plated bronze French shooting medal dated 1913. 1913 France
Hamburg 3 Marks. 1912 Germany
Prussia - 1912A 3 marks in good EF condition 1912 Germany
Sailana - 1912 1/4 anna George V. 1912 India
Silvered bronze jeton de presence / medalet issued circa 1912 to shareholders in the `Compagnie... 1912 France
Lovely toned Nazarana Rupee from Jaipur 1911 India
Prussia - 1911A 3 marks. Near EF coin 1911 Germany
Nice lustrous 1d. 1911 Australia
`Cockerel' type gold 20 francs 1910. 1910 France
German East Africa - Silver rupie. `J' mint mark. Nice high grade (wear wise), but obverse struck... 1910 Tanzania
Prussia - 1910A 3 marks. Solid VF coin 1910 Germany
Swiss Shooting medal, Bern 1910 1910 Switzerland
bronze medal struck for the `Banque De L'Union Parisienne'. I'm unsure of the date. The edge mark... 1910 France