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scarcer quart d'ecu de Navarre (1/4 ecu) struck for Henri IV of France at Saint -Palais. 1594 France
Scarce silver jeton de presence issued for the `Lloyd Rouennais', an insurance syndicate set up... 1866 France
1816 George III Essequebo and Demerary Half Guilder. Less crudely struck and different designs... 1816 Guyana
1942 dark toned George VI 1/4 anna. A real beaut!! 1942 India
slver jeton de presence issued for policyholders and directors of `La Clementine' assurance company 1860 France
silver jeton de presence for `L'Etoile de la Mer' (The Star of the Sea) a French maritime... 1858 France
`Discovery of America' silver 10 diners 1992 Andorra
Nice portrait silver denarius of Caracalla (212 -217AD), Serapis reverse. 212 Italy
Hyderabad - 1947 2 annas (AH1366 yr37) 1947 India
Silver jeton issued during the reign of Louis XIII for his state counsellors (Conseil du Roi). 1617 France
Silver jeton issued for the Crown Prosecutors (Procureurs au Chatelet). This one with bust of... 1766 France
beautiful silver jeton issued for the `Societe Generale' a commercial bank. This jeton is fairlty... 1859 France
Sigismund I silver grosz dated 1535. Nice portrait coin. 1535 Poland
Silver jeton issued for Delamare, Doyen de Chatelet. Obverse his coat of arms / reverse a... 1723 France
Silver jeton issued in 1703 for the Kings bankers and stockbrokers 1703 France
beautiful small silver hemi-obol from the city state of Kyme, Aeolis minted circa 480 -450 bc.... -480 Turkey
Apollonia Pontica silver hemidrachm from 450 -330 BC time frame. Off centre laureate head of... -450 Greece
Crown of Charles II,first bust (rose below bust) and first reverse (english and french shields... 1662 United Kingdom
Portuguese India - 1/8th Tanga. 1903 India
Swiss shooting medal in silver. Bern/ Thun in 1894 by Franz Homberg (1452 examples struck) 1894 Switzerland