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silver Victoriatus of the Roman Republic circa 211 BC. Jupiter obverse with Victory crowning a... -211 Italy
silver antoninianus of Valerian I. Rev: ORIENS AUGG 253 Italy
silver antoninianus of Hostilian as Caesar. Rev: PRINCIPI IUVENTUTIS 251 Italy
silver antoninianus of Trebonius Gallus. Rev: FELICITAS PUBLICA 251 Italy
silver antonianus of Philip I. Re: AEQUITAS AUGG 244 Italy
Silver antoninianus of Gordian III. rev PM TRP V COS II PP 238 Italy
scaree copper jeton minted for M'sieu Jerome D'Argouges, a member of the aristocracy from... 1718 France
Scarce silver jeton issued for the Chambre D'assureurs at Rouen, a syndicate of individuals who... 1743 France
scarcer silver jeton struck for L'Etoile de la Mer (star of the sea), a french maritime assurer.... 1858 France
Copper trias froim Syracuse circa 400-345 BC. Obverse Athena; reverse hypocamp. Coin has seen... -400 Italy
Mithradates III silver drach minted at Rhagae. Selwood attributes this coin (31.6) to Orodes I,... -80 Iran
AE follis of Licinius I. IOVI CONSERVATORI reverse 308 Italy
silver jeton de presence issued during the reign of Louis XVI for the `conseilleurs de ville'... 1779 France
silver medal issued for thew opening of the Train Station at Lucern, Switzerland in 1898 1898 Exonumia Europe
scarcer silver jeton issued for the Currier Guild (leather / hide curers) of Paris. This one... 1755 France
a copper jeton from the time of the French revolution. 1792 France
silver jeton issued during the reign of Louis XV but bearing the bust of his son, the future... 1750 France
scarcer silver jeton minted for the administrators of the mint at Rouen in 1711. reverse shows... 1711 France
City view copper jeton issued for the town administrators of Nancy, Lorraine, in 1634 during the... 1634 France
nicely toned octagonal silver jeton struck for Bayonne Chambre de Commerce. Obverse shiows coat... 1852 France