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silver antoninianus of Trajan Decius. Genius exerc illuricani reverse 249 Italy
silver antoninianus of Philip I (The Arab). Aeternitas reverse 244 Italy
Silver antoninianus of Valerian II. Pietas reverse 255 Italy
2011 Silver American Eagle 2011 USA
2010 Silver American Eagle 2010 USA
brass jeton minted for M Moreau for his second term in office as the Lord Provost (Mayor) of... 1636 France
silver jeton de presence minted for the administrators of the Societe Protestante de Prevoyance,... 1860 France
silver medalet minted for the Chamber of Commerce of Armentiers and Hazebrouck 1903 France
silvered bronze medalet issued for La Sequanaise, one of France's assurance groups. 1900 France
copper medal struck for La sequanaise, one of France's assurance companies covering fire risks 1897 France
Silver jeton de presence minted in 1833 for the maritime assurers `Lloyd Francaise' which was... 1833 France
another scarcer silver jeton that has not been catalogued by Feuardent or Mitchiner. This time a... 1706 France
rare silver jeton minted in 1667 for that part of the King's administration dealing with the... 1667 France
silver antoninianus of Herennia Etruscilla, wife of Trajan Decius. 251 Italy
silver antoninianus of Salonina (wife of Gallienus) who was murdered along with her husband in... 268 Italy
silver antoninianus of Gallienus (253 -268 ad) circa 260 ad. Rather good silver for this type. 260 Italy
silver antoninianus of Valerian I (253-260 ad). Fairly decent silver. Pax reverse. 256 Italy
High grade copper jeton minted 1656 for the town of Peronne 1656 France
silver jeton (nd) minted in 1655 for members of the Bretonese parliament. This type has... 1655 France
copper `city view' jeton iminted 1699 for the city of Nancy, Lorraine. 1699 France