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2001 was the last date of the 'Brilliant Uncirculated' gold five pounds to bear the U mark, after... 2001 United Kingdom
2000 United Kingdom
2000 United Kingdom
Another sell-out year, with the whole 1,000 piece issue limit sold, for the 1995 BU gold five... 1995 United Kingdom
The Royal Mint managed to sell all 1,000 of its issue limit of the 1994 gold five pounds BU. 1994 United Kingdom
1993 'Brilliant Uncirculated' gold quintuple sovereign (five pounds), mintage 906 pieces. 1993 United Kingdom
1992 United Kingdom
For some reason, the mintage of the 1991 gold five pound BU went down dramatically from 3,500 to... 1991 United Kingdom
'Brilliant Uncirculated' version of the 1990 gold five pounds (quintuple sovereign). Maklouf... 1990 United Kingdom
The obverse and reverse designs of the five pound gold coin, as well as that on the sovereign,... 1989 United Kingdom
1988 United Kingdom
In 1985, the third portrait was introduced, engraved by Raphael Maklouf, here shown on a... 1985 United Kingdom
In 1984, the Royal Mint issued a three-coin gold proof set, which consisted of the five pounds,... 1984 United Kingdom
The 1911 gold five pounds or quintuple sovereign was only issued in a proof version, and was only... 1911 United Kingdom
All Victoria Old Head sovereigns from 1893 to 1900 share the same obverse (head) design. The... 1900 United Kingdom
Sydney Mint Victoria young head sovereign of 1882. Melbourne also issued similar coins. Both... 1882 United Kingdom
There are two types of 1870 sovereigns, these are all of the second portrait, and all with a die... 1870 United Kingdom
All 1866 sovereigns are the same type, London Mint, with die numbers on the reverse. This one is... 1866 United Kingdom
n 1861, there was only one main type of shield sovereign. The type, which has the second... 1861 United Kingdom
In 1854, there were two varieties of shield sovereigns, both types are of the second portrait,... 1854 United Kingdom
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