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Set with a black sapphire, this fifth ounce gold proof crown commemorates the death of Queen... 2001 Gibraltar
Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee in 1897 is commemorated on this one fifth ounce gold proof... 2001 Gibraltar
Empress of India 1876, set with a ruby. Fifth ounce gold proof crown 'The Victorian Era'. 2001 Gibraltar
The Victorian Era, or its centenary, was the excuse or reason for the issue of a set of 4 gold... 2001 Gibraltar
This just happens to be a particularly nice specimen of an 1875 Victoria sovereign with Saint... 1875 United Kingdom
1855 Victoria shield sovereign. There are two varieties, one with the engraver's initials WW... 1855 United Kingdom
Mother and baby elephants on reverse of 2007 Somalian gold proof 20 shillings. 2007 Somalia
Madonna & Child with Angels, circa 1465, by Fra Filipo Lippi. One of a collection of 100... 1974 Exonumia Europe
Iceland issued very few gold coins. Indeed it seems to have done so on only three occasions,... 1974 Iceland
Three generations of the British Royal Family, the Queen Mother and Princess Diana appear with... 2002 Gibraltar
This Canada Lynx is supposed to be shown prowling according to the notes on its certificate. We... 1995 Canada
Great Blue Heron with a fish in its bill (beak) on a 2002 tenth ounce platinum $30 coin, part of... 2002 Canada
You wait ages to see a great blue heron, then 4 come along at once! The 2002 quarter ounce... 2002 Canada
Great Blue Heron in flight on 2002 half ounce platinum proof $150. Part of a 4-coin set, this... 2002 Canada
Pair of Great Blue Herons on 2002 Canadian platinum proof one ounce $300, part of a four coin... 2002 Canada
Even though the issue limit was increased to 10,000 individual pieces, the 1999 proof sovereign... 1998 United Kingdom
The last date of the Maklouf portrait, 1997 with a mintage of 7,500 individual pieces. 1997 United Kingdom
Another 7,500 mintage of individual coins for the 1996 proof gold sovereign. 1996 United Kingdom
The Royal Mint managed to sell its entire issue limit of 7,500 pieces of 1995 proof sovereign.... 1995 United Kingdom
The last date of the sub 5,000 mintage proof sovereigns at 4,998 pieces. For the next few years... 1994 United Kingdom
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