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Staying on our 1 kilo theme for today, this is the 2008 Australian silver Kookaburra from the... 2008 Australia
You get a rooster on each side of this one kilo silver proof 300 yuan from China. 2005 China
2003 Alderney
Another kilo silver coin with gold plating, for the 50th anniversary of the Coronation 1953 -... 2003 Guernsey
2002 Alderney
A whale of a coin! 2 kilo silver proof showing Moby Dick leaping over a tiny looking whaling boat... 2001 Cook Islands
One kilo silver proof for the Queen's 70th birthday 1926 - 1996, shows Queen Elizabeth and the... 1996 Fiji
It's often difficult to photograph large (1,000 mms = 4) coins, because of the lighting and... 2003 France
Another fake pound coin, this time of badly plated lead based metal, with the plating being... 1989 United Kingdom
Fake pound coins are in the British media today, but this is old 'news'. Ken Peters of The... 1986 United Kingdom
1898 Benz on silver ingot, one of 36 ingot shaped silver medallions, issued by John Pinches in... 1898 Exonumia Europe
The parish of St Martin is featured on this gold proof pound coin, one of a series of 12 issued... 1987 Jersey
First of a series of 12 gold proof pound coins, issued from 1983 to 1989, featuring the twelve... 1983 Jersey
2005 Alderney
A Persian cat features on the reverse of this 1989 Manx one tenth ounce gold crown. 1989 Isle of Man
The 2008 gold crowns from the Isle of Man feature a Burmilla cat and her kitten as their reverse... 2008 Isle of Man
Pig or boar on reverse of 2007 Year of the Pig coloured one ounce gold bullion coin. Looks like... 2008 Australia
Beagle on colour printed version of one ounce gold lunar calendar year of the Dog bullion coin... 2006 Australia
Colour printed version of one ounce gold lunar calendar year of the Cockerel or Rooster bullion... 2005 Australia
The Common Heath flower on reverse of 1999 Australian $100 gold proof coin. 1999 Australia
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