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2008 one ounce gold eagle. We have had these in stock since January, all other sizes too. 2008 USA
New 2008 Chinese one ounce silver panda, another year, another new panda design. We guess Chinese... 2008 China
Launched on February 1st 2008, at the World Money Fair in Berlin, the new one ounce silver... 2008 Austria
One of 24 silver medals issued by John Pinches for the Churchill Centenary Trust in 1974.... 1990 Exonumia Europe
George William De Saulles designed both sides of the Edward VII florin, used for the entire short... 1902 United Kingdom
Britannia visits the seaside on this year's new silver Britannia design. It's possibly Blackpool... 2008 United Kingdom
New 'heavy breathing' technique photos of 2007 uncirculated silver Britannia, managing not to... 2007 United Kingdom
King Umberto I 'Re D'Italia' on the obverse of gold 20 Lire. 1881 Italy
We had some of these 2008 Cypriot euro coins in before New Year, but Yannick was already on... 2008 Cyprus
Complete set of 8 Cyprus euro coins in our own generic euro insert and case. 2008 Cyprus
Our photographs of an actual coin as opposed to a Photoshop creation. The Royal Mint have asked... 2008 United Kingdom
Our preview of the uncirculated 'bullion' 2008 gold sovereign. We should see actual samples later... 2008 United Kingdom
Why stop at 2009! Once we get started, it's hard to stop. Here is a preview of how the 2010 gold... 2010 United Kingdom
Now we may be getting a bit silly, and too far ahead of ourselves (or the Royal Mint). Unless the... 2009 United Kingdom
It proved quite difficult to get a get photo of the 2005 uncirculated 'bullion' gold sovereign.... 2005 United Kingdom
Uncropped version of the 2002 proof gold sovereign with shield reverse. Compare with our earlier... 2001 United Kingdom
2001 proof gold sovereign. 2001 United Kingdom
Better photos of the 2000 proof sovereign, uncropped around the edge, so the milled edge can be... 2000 United Kingdom
1978 gold sovereign of Elizabeth II, the third year of the decimal portrait by Arnold Machin.... 1978 United Kingdom
1976 gold sovereign of Elizabeth II, the second year of the decimal portrait by Arnold Machin.... 1976 United Kingdom
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