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collector of farthings, bargains, russians USA and french coins, have a side of german

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1865 penny in fair. 1865 United Kingdom
very corroded tin farthing, damage at date however enough there to date it to 1690 1690 United Kingdom
Hindu wedding jeweler token, unknown metal, supposed to be 999 silver but lightweight 0 Exonumia Asia
1811 2 kopeck С.П.Б mid grade with weak strike, possibly С over П on obverse 1811 Russia
very low grade 1811 2 kopecks С.П.Б 1811 Russia
1672 farthing, low grade, very weak stops on obverse, possibly B over R (and R over B) 1672 United Kingdom
fair grade 1603 2 maravedis, nice example of the type. 1603 Spain
1696 halfpenny, low grade, unusual date recut at the 6. 1696 United Kingdom
1695 farthing, low grade but scarce. 1695 United Kingdom
1672 farthing, VF with planchet flaws, and struck with a worn die.. the loop on the 2 is joined... 1672 United Kingdom
1675 farthing, fair grade, very compressed date type. 1675 United Kingdom
1914 15 kopeck. EF 1914 Russia
unidentified hammered coin 0 Unknown
unidentified German state coin 1765 Germany
polish 1664 Solidus 1664 Poland
unidentified hammered coin 0 Unknown
unidentified hammered coin 0 Unknown
1720 halfpenny, fair grade 1720 United Kingdom
1988 EF 1 Kopeck 1988 Russia
unidentified roman coin 0 Roman Empire