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KM-67, 1936 Portuguese Mozambique (Colony) 10 escudos; silver, reeded edge; 1 year early 20't... 1936 Mozambique
KM-24 1/2 crown in very nice XF to aUNC condition 1952 Rhodesia
KM-15a, 1946 Southern Rhodesia 1/2 crown; silver, reeded edge; good extra fine, last of the... 1946 Rhodesia
KM-15, I got it as gVF, somewhere between the VF and XF. 1941 Rhodesia
KM-2, 1861 1/26'th of a shilling. Overused die resulted in filled top of A in VICTORIA. No... 1861 Jersey
KM-2, 1851 1/26 of a shilling, heavily recut dies for most of obverse including completely recut... 1851 Jersey
KM-, 1844 Jersey 1/26'th of a shilling; copper, plain edge; brown about uncirculated, a couple of... 1844 Jersey
KM-2, 1858 Jersey 1/26'th of a shilling; copper, plain edge; very fine to good very fine, some... 1858 Jersey
KM-2, 1861 1/26'th of a shilling; completely reingraved inscription on obverse (text and date)... 1861 Jersey
KM-2, 1861 1/26'th of a shilling. Another one of my coins with heavy die re-engraving: V in... 1861 Jersey
KM-1, 1841 Jersey 1/52'th of a shilling; copper, plain edge; scarce type, very good to fine... 1841 Jersey
KM-6, 1877 Jersey 1/48'th of a shilling, Heaton mint (H mint mark); bronze, plain edge; one year... 1877 Jersey
Another KM-2, 1851 1/26'th of a shilling; recut V,I,C,T and R in VICTORIA, D in DG, R,T,A,N,N,A... 1851 Jersey
KM-13, 1937 1/2 CROWN. 1937 Rhodesia
KM-31, 1947 South African 5 shillings (crown). This one is a bullion bagmarked uncirculated... 1947 South Africa
KM-15, 1938 Southern Rhodesia half crown; silver, reeded edge; about uncirculated - reverse is... 1938 Rhodesia
KM-13, 1937 1/2 crown. Somewhat better specimen that would be in XF range. 1937 Rhodesia
KM-15, Southern Rhodesia 1941 1/2 crown. A better specimen 1941 Rhodesia
KM-2, 1932 6 pence, another pretty one, was graded gVF by seller, I would make it a tad higher. 1932 Rhodesia
KM-8a, 1942 Southern Rhodesia penny; bronze, plain edge; smallest mintage of the type, about... 1942 Rhodesia
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