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Ecu d'or au soleil of Francis I of France 1530 France
Napoleon gold 40 Francs 1806 France
Napoleon III gold 100 francs 1858 France
Eight reales which has been counterstamped (obverse)and two chops (reverse) at bottom rim. Minted... 1818 Mexico
Eight reales which has an ink chop obverse (top left) and a raised chop reverse (above eagles head). 1869 Mexico
Yen with chop marks both sides 1884 Japan
Yen with two chop marks obverse, one of which is a swastika 1886 Japan
Yen with one chop obverse. 1891 Japan
Yen heavily chop marked obverse and reverse. 1893 Japan
Lovely toned Nazarana Rupee from Jaipur 1911 India
Silver denarius of Septimius Severus on his victory over Parthia 199 Italy
Later silver denarius of Septimius Severus (193- 211). Rome mint. 199 Italy
Nice portrait silver denarius of Caracalla (212 -217AD), Serapis reverse. 212 Italy
Not so nice portrait silver denarius of Caracalla (212 -217AD), Apollo reverse. I need to do a... 212 Italy
Nice collectable grade copper 12 deniers with bust of Louis XVI minted at Marseille (MA monogram... 1791 France
Decent grade large copper / bell metal mix 2 Sols of Louis XVI minted at Paris (A mint mark). 1792 France
Large bell metal 2 Sols of Louis XVI minted at Lyon (W mint mark). The reverse has seen better... 1792 France
Large bronze 10 centimes made by the beseiged French armies at Antwerp from captured cannons... 1814 Belgium
Nero (obv) with Eirene standing (rev.) billon tetradrachm weighing in at 13.65 gms, minted at... 58 Egypt
Nero (obv) with bust of Serapis to right (rev.) billon tetradrachm weighing in at 13.5 gms,... 64 Egypt
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