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Five Francs 1874 Switzerland
Five Francs 1889 Switzerland
Lausanne Five Francs 1876 Switzerland
Basel Five Francs 1879 Switzerland
Fribourg Five Francs 1879 Switzerland
Lugano Five Francs. My favourite. 1879 Switzerland
Chur 5 francs 1949 Switzerland
1 franc 1850 Switzerland
Ein Vereinsthaler. (Official restrike). What looks like a scratch obverse is a die scratch. 1862 Liechtenstein
Lion Double gros of William I of bavaria as William V, Count of Holland (1354-88). This coin... 1354 Netherlands
Double gros of Philip IV (`The Handsome'), Duke of Burgundy and Count of Flanders, also Philip I... 1492 Luxembourg
Gros of Charles I (`The Bold'), Duke of Burgundy and Count of Flanders. This coin was issued for... 1492 Belgium
Double gros of Philip III (The Good') Duke of Burgundy and Count of Flanders (1419-67), this coin... 1419 Belgium
Lion Gros of Louis de Maele (Louis II) Count of Flanders. 1346 Belgium
Dundee half penny (Auld Steeple / Dundee harbour) 1795 Scotland
Dundee half penny (Coat of Arms/ Crooms) 1795 Scotland
Dundee half penny (Harbour scene/ Dundee Royal Infirmary) 1796 Scotland
Dundee half penny (St Andrews Church/ Wishart Arch at Cowgate) 1797 Scotland
Dundee farthing (Trades Hall/Horse and cart). Scarcer private token. 1797 Scotland
Brechin half penny (Mill/Church). Scarcer token. 1801 Scotland
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