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Silver teston of Charles IV Duke of Lorraine issued in 1629 during his first reign on his own.... 1629 France
A silver teston dated 1576 of Louis de Montpensier / Louis II of Dombes. Not easy to find, and... 1576 France
A silver teston of Francis I of France. Minted at Cremieu by the mint master Pierre le Maistre,... 1538 France
A silver teston issued during the first year of reign of Charles IX. During this year money... 1561 France
Another silver teston issued during the first year of reign of Charles IX. This one is referred... 1561 France
A silver teston bearing the image of Charles IX issued by the Paris mint (A mm under bust)... 1562 France
A silver teston bearing the image of Henri III of France, this one dated 1576 and from Bayonne... 1576 France
A silver half franc of Henri IV of France minted at Aix en Provence (small `I' within the C of... 1596 France
A silver quarter franc of Louis XIII of France minted at Toulouse (M mm under bust) Portrait... 1639 France
A shilling that didn't quite make it unscathed. Nice VF / EF(ish) coin with accoutrement on top.... 1745 United Kingdom
Another 1745 `LIMA' coin that didn't quite make it unscathed. This time a sixpence. Looks like... 1745 United Kingdom
This is an Edinburgh halfpenny / ha'penny / `Edinburgh bawbee' as it was commonly termed. a token... 1790 Scotland
I came across this one via ebay. It was actually brought to my attention on rec.collecting.coins... 1797 Scotland
Medal commemorating the Swiss National Exhibition in Geneva 1896. Other designs exist. 1896 Switzerland
For a bit of fun, can you determine whther this coin is Edward I or Edward II. All the info you... 1307 United Kingdom
25 Euro coin commemorating the 700th Anniversary of Hall in Tyrol. Coin is silver outer and... 2003 Austria
Benjamin Franklin and Jean-Baptiste Antoine Montyon medal. Bronze. 41.7 mm. Dies by Barre. Genius... 1833 France
Bi-metallic Model Crown produced by Allen and Moore (Birmingham)in 1848. (27mm or roughly florin... 1848 United Kingdom
Hamburg Taler of 48 schillings 1764 OHK (Mint Master = Otto Heinrich Knorre 1761-1805) 1764 Germany
Eight Soles from the Potosi mint. (PTS Monogram). This coin seems to be weakly struck and has... 1833 Bolivia
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