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Prussian 3 Marks commemoration 100 years sincedefeat of Napoleon 1913 Germany
Bavarian Thaler (krone) of Maximillian I. 1821 Germany
Bavarian 2 Gulden of Ludwig I. 1848 Germany
Large (44mm) Bavarian `Madonna and child' thaler. KM224 obv with 234.1 rev. 1759 Germany
Another Bavarian `Madonna and child' thaler. Different bust type KM244 obv with 234.2 rev. 1768 Germany
Another Bavarian `Madonna and child' thaler, this time of Carl Theodore. 1778 Germany
Bavarian 2 Gulden under Maximillian II, commemorating the restoration of the madonna column in... 1855 Germany
Hamburg 32 schilling. Interesting engraving reverse `Bruder August'. presumably a presentation... 1809 Germany
Hamburg 2 Marks. First date in the series which has sadly been made into a fob...... :( Still a... 1876 Germany
Hamburg 3 Marks. 1912 Germany
Hamburg 5 Marks. A couple of edge dings but otherwise EF for wear. 1908 Germany
Hesse Darmstadt 5 Marks. Nice hefty silver coin. 1875 Germany
Hannover Thaler. never figured what was going on with this coin. Edge is worn but high points... 1863 Germany
Emden 28 stuber (2/3rd Taler). These coins were not dated but were issued 1637 - 57. Crudely made... 1637 Germany
Jever 28 stuber (2/3rd Taler). These coins, like those of Emden were crudely made. I've not seen... 1640 Germany
Krone. Holstein, Denmark. Flan flaw, and looks like someone has been drilling for oil, otherwise... 1692 Denmark
2 Rigsdaler. Nice big chunk of Danish silver 1855 Denmark
Riksdaler Specie (4 Riksdaler Riksmynt) from Abbaland. 1869 Sweden
10 Krone commemorating the constitution sesquicentennial. 1964 Norway
25 Krone commemorating the 25th anniversary of liberation from the Germans. 1970 Norway
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