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Kingdom of Napoleon 1811 Italy
Chambre de Commerce, Amiens. Silver jeton de presence. 1761 France
Chambre de Commerce, Paris. Nice original silver jeton de presence by Andrieu. 1803 France
Banque de France jeton de presence. `MUD' error `signature'. 1810 France
Caisse D'escompte silver jeton de presence. Nice original from the Napoleonic years. 1802 France
100 mils. The key date. Lustrous and some toning and no obvious signs of wear. 1934 Palestine
20 Crowns commemorating US Bicentennial. Large silver piece of .925 silver weighing 38.7 gms and... 1976 Turks & Caicos Isl.
proof 5 Cents. looks like our cuddly little echidna friend has an alien hiding up her nose. :-) 1986 Australia
Sydney Mint Half Sovereign 1866 and Sovereign 1868. 1866 Australia
Joseph Napoleon 1808 AI. A nice dark even toned example of this rare coin from the Napoleonic era. 1808 Spain
20 reales. A nice collectable grade. 1856 Spain
Nice silver 5 drachmai 1876 Greece
45 Piastres. Low mintage coin that tends to be undervalued on todays market. 1928 Cyprus
30 Tari. The large silver coins of Malta are very hard to find in collectable grades. I don't... 1757 Malta
2 Scudi from the Napoleonic era. 1796 Malta
15 Tari. A variant on type 16b (arm to side instead of down). Lower grade but undamaged and... 1772 Malta
Venice 1/4 Tallero. 1780 Italy
Comoros Islands 5 francs. You aren't likely to see many of these chunks of silver out there in... 1890 France
Crown commemorating Cecil Rhodes. 1953 Rhodesia
Piedfort proof silver 200 Forint commemorating the 350th anniversary of the death of Bethlen... 1979 Hungary
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