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Copper jeton minted for the `troisieme corps des marchands (aka `Merciers')'. Roughly translates... 1704 France
scarcer silver jeton issued in 1704 during the reign of the sun king Louis XIV for M'sieu... 1704 France
silver jeton dated 1704 struck for the Drapers Guild of Paris (Premier Corps des Marchands) 1704 France
`Malcontents' poltura of 1705 1705 Hungary
scarcer copper jeton of the `premier corps des marchands' (The Drapers guild of Paris). 1705 France
silver jeton issued for the Languedoc parliament and commemorating the end of dissent / return to... 1705 France
God's celestial watering can giving French farmers a little helping hand. Silver jeton issued... 1706 France
another scarcer silver jeton that has not been catalogued by Feuardent or Mitchiner. This time a... 1706 France
Crown of Queen Anne after the union with Scotland. Obverse 2 and reverse 2. `Septimo' edge. 1707 United Kingdom
Burgundy Estates - 1707 copper jeton. Arms of Burgundy obverse, sailing ship reverse. 1707 France
copper jeton struck for the `Arquebusiers de Rheims'. An Arequebus was a muzzle loaded matchlock... 1707 France
Queen Anne silver medalet (24mm diameter- roughly the size of a one shilling piece) issued in... 1707 United Kingdom
Another scarce silver jeton, this one being issued for the Solicitors for the Treasury... 1708 France
silver jeton dated 1708 (during the reign of Louis XIV) and issued for the `Extraordinaire des... 1708 France
Tournai. Uniface siege coinage 2 sols. 1709 Belgium
Namur. Copper 2 liards under Philip V of Spain. 1709 Belgium
Silver jeton issued for the Paymasters of Pensions (Payeurs des Rentes). Older bust Louis XIV... 1709 France
Silver jeton (no date)issued for the marriage of Honore DeChevriers Count of St Maurice and Du... 1709 France
silver jeton from Rouen during reign of Louis XIIII. Excellent bust. 1709 France
A very rare silver jeton of the `Deuxieme Corps Des Marchands'. The Epiciers and Apothiquaires... 1710 France